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Work Health & Safety Insurance

The Work Health & Safety (WHS) harmonisation legislation has been evolving across Australia since 2013. Significant changes to the regulation of workplace safety in Australia were introduced, with harsher penalties and significantly increased fines. This means greater risk exposure for all organisations that do not meet the requirements.

The WHS legislation creates risk exposures not insured under existing Directors' & Officers' (D&O) and Statutory Liability Insurance policies. Aon has developed a unique WHS Liability Insurance product to address insurable exposures that have been designed specifically around the legislation.

The new policy provides the following benefits, many of which are not available under other policies.

Key Benefits of Aon's Work Health & Safety Liability Insurance

  • The policy is triggered by a notifiable incident, threatened or actual action by a Workplace Safety Authority or a fatality.
  • The policy gives access to legal and related costs from the time a notifiable incident, threatened or actual action by a Workplace Safety Authority or a fatality occurs and the claim is reported to insurers.
  • D&O policies are predominantly designed to protect an organisation's Directors and Officers, whereas the Aon WHS Liability insurance extends to cover the company and its employees, with an optional extension to cover contractors and on-hire labour staff.
  • Cover for insurable fines and penalties which have significantly increased under the WHS legislation:
  • With the help of an WHS Specialist lawyer you have the right to pursue a defence subject to policy conditions.
  • Option of an WHS due diligence assessment by Aon Hewitt to mitigate the level of exposed risk.

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