"Marine Hull Insurance Seminar: Art or Science" Event - 13 November 2015

On 13 November, Aon Singapore has organised the ‘Marine Hull Insurance Seminar: Art or Science’ Event in the SGX Centre 2, Robertson Quay meeting room. It was graced by more than 44 guests from different companies within the Marine industry.

Jochem Kort (Regional Director, Marine) hosted the event with Peter Hulyer (Head of Marine, Asia) giving a clear and comprehensive opening address. We invited outstanding Aon speakers like Anne Waite and Keith Jones to enrich us with their many years of professional experience. We also had extremely erudite and engaging external speakers like Chris Edwards and Ian Teare to ‘breathe life’ into the legal intricacies that belies Marine Hull Insurance.

Some interesting facts like what exactly is a ‘T-bone Collision’ and ‘what constitutes data-dumping’ are some of the insights shared with the audience.

In our survey, a staggering 100% of our respondents were either satisfied or extremely satisfied with the seminar. We also have close to all of the guests revealing that they would like to come again for another seminar like this by Aon.

Surveyed guests have shared that the speakers were all very knowledgeable and that their presentations were very entertaining. Other also felt that the event was well-organised and several even enjoyed the food provided.

Jochem has shared that the event has forged better relations and networking opportunities with key prospects while also making a step forward to position Aon as a thought leader in the world of Risk Management.

This concludes the regional Marine Hull Seminar that has spanned the countries of Korea, Hong Kong with the last stop at Singapore. The seminar ended on a good and positive note with a wine and beer reception hosted by the Marine Team.

In the end, whether Marine Hull Insurance is truly an art or science is still up to conjecture, and professional opinions. However, we can all agree that our guests came and left with not just a better understanding of risk issues in Marine but a closer understanding of Aon as a thought-leader in the Risk Management Industry.

Marine Hull Seminar 2015

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