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Health and Benefits


Taking care of one's health and family's financial well-being is a modern approach promoted by progressive employers using insurance products to protect their employees from both routine health care expenses and accidents.

Health Insurance

Health insurance means the provision and payment of medical services by the Insurer due to deterioration of the Insured's health condition.

This insurance provides, but is not limited to, the following types of care:

  • Outpatient care:
  • In-patient care:
  • Emergency
  • Dental
  • +medicines supplying

Personal accident insurance

Personal accident insurance means one-time payment depending on the event that occurred with the insured person.

What risks are covered:
Death, disability, bodily injuries due accidents*

*accident is an occurrence of a sudden, unexpected event resulting in the health impairment or death of the Insured Person.


Life insurance

Life insurance means one-time payment depending on the event that occurred with the insured person

  • Term- life insurance
    What risks are covered:
    Death, disability, body injuries, critical illnesses, hospitalization due to any
    reason including illnesses.
  • Cumulative and pension insurance

    This is a one-time or annuity benefits payable up to a certain age or the
    occurrence of specific event.

    What risks are covered:
    Surviving, death, additional risks.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance means financial costs, expenses for medical and other services during traveling abroad.

What risks are covered:
Diseases, injuries that occurred while traveling abroad, damage / loss of luggage, delayed departure, cancellation of travel

Hard diseases insurance programs

Hard diseases insurance means an opportunity to receive timely qualified medical care and its payment in case of detection of such serious diseases as oncology, diseases of cardiovascular system, neurosurgery and vital organ transplantation. The program provides access to treatment abroad with payment by the insurer.


Advantages of working with Aon:

  • An individual approach to each client with their needs‘ analysis;
  • Assistance in the development and optimization of insurance coverage;
  • Full support during the insurance contract;
  • 10 professional staff members including brokers with the medical background;
  • Access to international resources and innovative products.