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Liability Risks

Aon specialists will help you develop the optimal liability insurance program that meets your specific needs and the specifics of your business.

Typically, liability insurance begins with the definition of the main parameters of the contract and the request of the insurance market. We begin the process of developing an insurance program by assessing the risks and communicating with the client. Aon has many years of experience and uses an individual approach when developing a liability insurance program, identifying the most likely risks and relying on the specifics of our clients and their main contractors.

Any liability insurance contract - general civil, professional, employer or producer liability, prepared by our specialists will be tailor made and balanced in such a way as to minimize possible losses of our customers.

Liability insurance protects property interests of persons, who have suffered as a result of actions or inaction of the Insured, and also protects the financial state of the Insured, because the damage, caused to the third parties, is indemnified.

When considering the above, as well as other risks, we provide effective service, which includes, but is not limited to:

  1. An analysis of the risks to which you and other companies in your industry are exposed to.
  2. Consultations regarding insurance obligations under the contracts you have signed with your counterparties.
  3. Development of an optimal insurance program.
  4. Negotiating with market participants.
  5. Recommendations regarding insurance limits and deductibles.
  6. Support during the signing of the insurance contract and further maintenance.
  7. Full support of the claim’s settlement procedure.