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The agricultural is a sector of the economy of Ukraine that is most exposed to the risks of adverse weather conditions. The main objective of agricultural insurance is to help the farmer successfully mitigate these risks.

Aon Ukraine offers both classic insurance products and develops individual solutions for large agricultural enterprises.

Classic insurance products

  1. Winter crops insurance - for all winter crops; multiperil - cover all adverse weather conditions including spring frosts and illegal action of third parties;
  2. Yield crops insurance - for all crops;

    multiperil (all adverse weather conditions including epiphytotic plant diseases, epiphytotic plant pests and illegal action of third parties) or named perils (hail, excessive moisture, strong wind, fire, illegal action of third parties);
  3. Yield crops insurance – covering named risks, namely, hail, strong wind and excessive rainfall, fire;

Required condition: pre-insurance inspections and loss adjustment inspection of fields by the Insurer.

Index (parametric) insurance


Index (parametric insurance) is the insurance of a certain indicator (index) of a certain weather parameter (air temperature, humidity, rainfall, etc.) or agricultural crop yield.

  1. Yield index (based on average crop yield per district or region);
  2. Soil moisture index (based on soil moisture satellite data);
  3. Winter index (number of days with low temperatures and insufficient snow cover) or frosts index (index of low temperatures). Triggers of these indices are defined individually according to crop location;
  4. Index of rainfall or excess precipitation is defined based on nearest weather station data.
  5. Index of high temperatures.

Advantages of parametric insurance:

  • Absence of crop/field inspection;
  • Simplified contracting procedure and loss payment;
  • Ability to insure non-growing early crops;
  • Coverage for the most critical crops growing periods.

Livestock insurance


Type of animals: all farm animals and poultry;

Perils: animal diseases, natural disasters, accident, fire, explosion, illegal action of third parties

Advantages of Working with Aon

  • Individual solutions development taking into account the specific needs of each agricultural company;
  • It is offered the best insurance conditions existing both on the insurance market of Ukraine and on international insurance market;
  • Full support during the insurance contract validity beginning from the insurance terms coordination until the insurance indemnity payment receipt;
  • Knowledge of legal norms and peculiarities of agricultural industry.