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Property Damage and Business Interruption


Property and business interruption insurance are among the most well-known types of insurance and are frequently used by the owners of commercial and industrial real estate.

This type of insurance covers the risks of destruction or damage to property, occurred as a result of events defined in the contract. For successful business, a combination of many factors is necessary. Security and confidence in the future have always been among the most important things. If you have a reliable insurance protection, any trouble with real estate, equipment, raw materials, finished products or construction will not surprise you.

Who can be the insured: an enterprise, institution, organization or other legal entity interested in concluding an insurance contract in respect of property owned, rented, leased, pledged etc.

Property damage and business interruption insurance is important for industrial and commercial enterprises, as it allows to cover the loss caused by the interruption of production activity occurred as a result of destruction, damage or loss of insured property. Insurance of the risk of loss as a result of business interruption is provided as an extension to property insurance.

Advantages of Working with Aon

  • Individual approach and transparency

Aon approaches each client individually and design an insurance program based on the needs of the insured and the specifics of the insured asset;

  • Experience in insurance of commercial and industrial real estate

Among the objects placed by AON on the insurance and reinsurance markets are the largest industrial enterprises, warehouse complexes, office and shopping centers, international hotel chains;

  • Access to specialized insurance and international reinsurance markets