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Marine Risk Insurance


More than 90% of the global cargo turnover is transported by sea, which is growing annually. The risk management and insurance expertise for marine risk insurance provided by Aon is unique. The company has extensive experience in the field of marine insurance. The range of marine insurance services is diverse and designed to protect the interests of shipowners, charterers, cargo owners, as well as operators of seaports and terminals.

We develop insurance programs and provide services for the following risks:

  • Shipowners protection and indemnity insurance (Owners P&I);
  • Charterers protection and indemnity insurance (Charterers P&I);
  • Freight Demurrage & Defence insurance (FD&D);
  • Hull and Machinery insurance (H&M);
  • Loss of Hire insurance (LOH);
  • Kidnap and ransom insurance (K&R).

Advantages of Working with Aon

  • Representation

Our representative office is integrated into the global Aon insurance network, which provides us with the opportunity to conduct a risk assessment on all aspects of your shipping company. Aon experts have the opportunity to independently assess the risk in relation to the fleet being operated, the cargo it carries, the regions in which the fleet operates, and the nature of its navigation.

  • Innovation

The employees of the Marine Risk and Liability Insurance Department have experience and a knowledge set that results in the introduction of innovative marine products as part of the assessment as well as the placement of standard and special marine risks.

  • Complex Approach

We operate globally in all sectors of the marine industry and marine insurance markets, while specializing in shipowner liability and other types of maritime liability, insurance of the hull, machinery and mechanisms of sea and river vessels, port facilities and equipment, logistics companies and terminals, cargo, docks, shipyards, as well as conducting claims work and consulting in relation to marine insurance. Risk allocation can be carried out in both the Ukrainian and foreign insurance markets.

  • Efficiency

The company's specialists will help you optimize risk management and get insurance coverage not only based on market capacities, but also based on your special needs for marine risk insurance.