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Insurance Of Large Industrial Enterprises

The operation of industrial enterprises, that are complex production and financial systems with many structural subdivisions and interconnections, is accompanied by different risks with different level of consequences of their occurrence. Technological and production risks are of special importance due to the level of possible losses from accidents and breakdowns. Such accidents result not only in stoppage of production process, equipment breakage, lack of profit, but also in staff injuries.

The specificity of insurance of industrial enterprises is determined by the scale of production, high level of danger and severity of consequences of risks occurrence, branch and territorial peculiarities. Usually the insurance portfolio of the industrial enterprise includes property insurance contracts, business interruption insurance, liability insurance, personnel insurance, which together with the compulsory types of insurance form the insurance program of the industrial complex.

Aon offers solutions designed specifically for industrial manufacturers like material suppliers and related organizations, namely:

  • Construction and agricultural machinery

Production of construction machinery, agricultural equipment, equipment for mines, mining;

  • Metallurgy

Steel, aluminum, nickel manufacturers, service centers and engineering equipment manufacturers;

  • Food industry

Food manufacturers;

  • Building materials

Production factories of cement, lumber, glass, brick / facing stone, plastic and other materials

  • Specialized industrial equipment

Manufacturers of robotics, electrical engineering, HVAC equipment, water supply systems, and related industries

Advantages of Working with Aon:

  • Aon's Industrial Risk Insurance Practice provides comprehensive risk management and covers a wide range of manufacturers in major industries;
  • Deep understanding and knowledge of the industry in combination with our international experience allows us to provide unique solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client;
  • All our solutions are based on proven methodologies. We conduct a comparative analysis based on relevant information on industry rates, prices, coverage, deductions, liability limitations and other parameters;
  • Aon has instruments to model possible losses arising from the event occurrence.