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Aviation Risk Insurance

Aviation is the industry, the operators of which are constantly responsible for the transport of a huge number of passengers and goods from the moment of departure to the moment of arrival.

Aon’s team is ready to offer you its brokerage services in all areas of the aviation business, namely:

  • Airlines;
  • Airports and civil aviation authorities;
  • Commercial, corporate and rotary aircraft operators;
  • Companies engaged in maintenance and repair of aircraft;
  • Handling service providers;
  • Government companies and aviation operations.

We develop insurance programs and are ready to provide our services for the following risks:

  • Insurance / reinsurance of liability of the air carrier to passengers / Third parties;
  • Insurance / reinsurance of CASCO (Hull) and aircraft spare parts;
  • Insurance / reinsurance of general liability of the airport operator to Third Parties;
  • Insurance / reinsurance of airport and other aviation property;
  • Commercial insurance of various types for aviation companies;
  • Crew insurance and employee accident insurance;
  • Insurance / reinsurance of military risks CASCO (Hull War) and spare parts;
  • Liability insurance of commodity producers in the field of aircraft maintenance and repair and liability of handling companies;
  • Property and liability insurance for aircraft hangar owners;
  • Treaty and facultative reinsurance programs, etc.


Advantages of Working with Aon

  • Aon has unique experience and skills both as a participant in the local and global aviation insurance market, which allows us to select the best solutions for each client in a structured way;
  • We create and select efficient risk management programs in the realities of Ukrainian and international business as transparently and as quickly as possible, as well we conduct negotiations and conclude transactions on behalf of our clients;
  • Our international team carries out about 30% of all operations in the aviation reinsurance market.