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Credit Risk Insurance

How applicable are the questions below to your company:

  • Has your company faced losses due to credit risks in deliveries with deferred payment, including when working with customers abroad?
  • Does your company increase sales by attracting new customers, increasing competitiveness or developing new markets?
  • Do you use bank guarantees or factoring?
  • Do you think about ways to control credit or country risks?

These questions are relevant for most companies. Currently, credit risk management is one of the priority tasks that companies around the world are working on: companies - manufacturers, distributors, trading companies, etc.

The reasons are clear: accounts receivable is often the largest unsecured asset on a company's balance sheet. One way to secure receivables is through trade credit insurance.

What is Trade Credit Insurance?

Accounts receivable insurance (in world practice - trade credit insurance) is the protection of the business of the manufacturer (supplier) of goods, works, services for commercial lending transactions with the condition of deferred or installment payment from the counterparty's defaults or insolvency (bankruptcy) for any reason.

The value of insurance coverage:

  • Determining the possibility of working with new customers and determining the level of trade relations (loan size) for new / existing counterparties, strengthening control over receivables;
  • Expansion of sales geography and increase in sales;
  • Protection of business in case of bankruptcy or prolonged non-payment of the buyer (debtor) by receiving insurance compensation;
  • Raising the credit rating to banks, creditor companies, rating agencies, investors (shareholders);
  • Protecting the interests of shareholders and increasing the investment attractiveness of the business.

Advantages of Working with Aon

To solve the problems described above, Aon works closely with each client, providing customized solutions in the field of trade loans, taking into account their needs and business specifics.

Our team consists of dedicated professionals with extensive experience in insurance and brokerage.

Our international team includes more than 500 specialists in 50 countries of the world, and this makes it possible to implement global programs taking into account local conditions and requirements in each country.

Thanks to the accumulated experience, cooperation with Aon gives our customers a significant advantage in obtaining prompt and professional advice, as well as a high-level service.