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Webinar Replay: Active Run On
A new endgame strategy for defined benefit schemes

Many schemes are currently setting or reviewing their long-term strategies. For most, there are two key options, do you transfer to an insurer or run the scheme on?

During this thought-provoking discussion, Aon experts are joined by guests from the professional trustee and legal advisory communities to discuss the best practice for pension schemes running on – and why it might look very different to how you’ve thought about running on in the past!

This experience combines best practice across covenant, investment, funding and governance of implementing run-on strategies for our clients, and how these interact with the trustees’ fiduciary and legal duties respectively.

We also give first exclusive insights to our Active Solution to Run On (ASTRO), which draws together our extensive experience of implementing run-on strategies for our clients into a clear, practical and effective framework, delivering value for members, schemes and sponsors.

Key discussion points for this webinar include:

  • The business case for running on and why (as outline by the Chancellor in his recent Mansion House speech) we believe schemes can be run on actively to generate financial benefits for members and sponsors alike
  • Where existing run-on strategies can fail to deliver value to all stakeholders
  • How schemes can target modest levels of investment outperformance and still minimise the risk of members not receiving their benefits in full
  • How strategies can fit in with the existing regulatory framework and the draft Code of Practice
  • How to maximise value over short term periods of run on

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