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Scheme Specific Training

Pensions Training 2021

We will be running a full schedule of Defined Benefit, Defined Contribution and Pensions Governance training in 2021, please contact us for more details.

In addition to general principles relating to pension schemes, the Pensions Regulator also requires Trustees to be conversant with their own scheme requirements. We can provide bespoke training and pensions management services to help Trustees meet this need.

The provisions laid out in the Pensions Act require Trustees to be conversant with:

  • The scheme's Trust Deed and Rules
  • The Statement of Investment Principles
  • The Statement of Funding Principles
  • Any other relevant scheme documents including reports, member communications, minutes and procedures

We can adapt any of the seminars within this brochure for your Trustee body, tailored as required to your scheme documents. Alternatively, we can provide a shorter training discussion as part of your regular Trustee meetings. These can be developed to build on knowledge gained from our seminars and applied to the specifics of your scheme.

Managing your pension scheme

Our dedicated pensions management consultants specialise in outsourcing, governance, strategy and risk management. They work with both Trustees and employers offering information, expertise and timely advice that helps their clients get to the core of the matter.

Schemes are assigned a dedicated scheme secretary/pensions manager to ensure that they receive a consistent service, every aspect of which is robust, compliant, efficient and cost-effective.

Our specialists can help you manage your training requirements by implementing a strategy that will feed into an effective business plan and provide you with bespoke training relating to:

  • Trustee Effectiveness - To help you assess how effectively you are performing as an individual Trustee and also as a group
  • Risk Registers - Our workshop helps Trustees understand the importance of maintaining a risk register. During this session we will help you begin to tailor our generic risk register which allows you to monitor and manage the risks specific to your scheme
  • Conflicts of Interest - Our training can help you identify potential conflicts, set up registers and develop policies to deal with conflicts of interest
  • Governance Reviews - Our reviews help you identify any weaknesses in your scheme's governance framework, enabling you to strengthen your controls and improve efficiencies, thereby reducing costs

Please email pensionstraining.enquiries@aon.com if you would like more information.

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In our full 2021 brochure we set out the comprehensive range of assessments and training courses we offer, to help you take control.


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