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Pensions Training 2021

We will be running a full schedule of Defined Benefit, Defined Contribution and Pensions Governance training in 2021, please contact us for more details.

As a Trustee of an occupational pension scheme, the Pensions Regulator requires you to ensure you have the skills you need to exercise your functions as a Trustee properly.

The Pensions Regulator expects Trustees to be able to demonstrate their knowledge, keep a record of their training and is interviewing and monitoring Trustee boards to see what level of formal training Trustees are undertaking.

Aon offers a range of training courses to enable Trustees to meet the requirements, and demonstrate they are 'taking control'. Whether you are a new Trustee getting to grips with your role and its requirements, or an experienced Trustee maintaining your knowledge to comply with regulatory requirements, our courses will give you an understanding of the key issues.

Our courses are designed to develop your knowledge of the areas identified in the Pensions Regulator's Trustee Knowledge and Understanding (TKU) Scope Guidance and are rooted firmly in the reality of day-to-day trusteeship.

Please follow the links below for details of the courses we run:

Click here to see our Training Programme

Click here to reserve your place in 2021.

In our full 2021 brochure we set out the comprehensive range of assessments and training courses we offer, to help you take control.

Download our full brochure.

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