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Traditional Cognitive Testing Got You Down? Get Your G.A.M.E. On with Aon!


Apr 13, 2017 | by Nick Martin & Kate LaPort

Traditional cognitive ability tests have had a rough time in recent years. Don’t get us wrong, cognitive ability tests are still considered the best predictor of future success on the job (Schmidt  et al., 2016). Recently though, “best predictor” has been coupled with some not-so-flattering descriptions of these traditional tests:

  • Boring/Yawn-Inducing: Reminding applicants of high school and college multiple choice tests, traditional cognitive ability tests can turn your (best) applicants away
  • Inflexible: Traditional cognitive ability tests have to be administered on a computer, which is at odds with today’s mobile expectations
  • Unfair: Often relying on learned knowledge, their use can disadvantage minorities for employment decisions
This leaves us in quite a pickle. Global organizational leaders agree that the need for cognitive ability is not only here to stay, but complex cognitive skills are key for the workplace of today and tomorrow. So, we still need cognitive tests. On the other hand, we can’t leave candidates tied to the computer taking “boring” cognitive tests which typically disadvantage minorities.
So what’s an assessment specialist to do? Aon Hewitt has tackled the challenge of creating a cognitive ability test that overcomes these sticking points, while still predicting success on the job.  The result of this work is our Global Adaptive-Memory Evaluation – or G.A.M.ETM for short.

G.A.M.E. picks up where traditional cognitive ability tests have left off. It is the first scientifically derived, mobile-first, highly predictive, gamified working memory assessment - a cognitive must-have for the modern workplace. 

What it’s like to get your G.A.M.E. on:

  • Engaging: Long reading passages and multiple choice responses are a thing of the past! G.A.M.E. moves beyond traditional formats to include gamified features to make testing time fly by for your candidates. Candidates earn badges and level up in their fast-paced, 12 minute G.A.M.E. experience.
  • Mobile: G.A.M.E. was optimized from the beginning with mobile candidates in mind. Our interdisciplinary team of I/O psychologists, designers, and technology experts created the first cognitive test that offers your candidates the same testing experience on whatever device they choose. Bonus: This also opens up and diversifies candidate pools to people who can only access the internet via a mobile device!!
  • Diversity-Friendly: G.A.M.E. goes beyond promoting diversity by expanding the applicant pool with mobile access. By focusing on attention control instead of learned knowledge, G.A.M.E. diminishes the high levels of adverse impact associated with traditional cognitive ability tests. 

Sample Screen Shots:

Want to learn more? Visit us at the Aon booth at the 32nd Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology or contact or!

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