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November 2022 – Ksenia Stepanova
HRD Asia
Aon launches an ambitious APAC survey targeting executives, board members and senior professionals in all industries...[Read more]
17 November 2022 – Owen Belman, CEO, Asia, Aon
The Business Times
The recent ransomware attack on ForceNet, one of the external communications providers of the Australian defence department, continues to highlight the growing threat of ransomware across nations and businesses...[Read more]
14 October 2021 – Nicki Tilney, Head of Construction Power and Infrastructure, Asia, Aon
South China Morning Post
Even as world leaders at the recent UN High-Level Dialogue on Energy discussed steps to accelerate the global transition to green energy by 2030, there is little evidence that this shift will be fast enough in Asia....[Read more]
13 September 2021 – Vijay Nair, Associate Director, Transaction Liability Insurance, Asia, Aon
The Straits Times
Unprecedented worldwide stimulus support in 2020 has dramatically inflated public debt and governments are now determining how to pay this down by adjusting their tax collection regimes....[Read more]
26 August 2021 – Ee Yen Lin, Director,Aon; Vijay Nair, Associate Director, Transaction Liability Insurance, Asia, Aon
The Business Times
Investors need to juggle demands of a complex stakeholder universe, and a thorough understanding of domestic and regional political risks is essential....[Read more]
14 July 2021 – Na Boon Chong, Advisory Partner, Aon; Ishita Goel, Senior Consultant, Aon
The Business Times
In the new normal, there is increased pressure on boards and management to deliver returns in a complex and disruptive environment. The challenge around governance is to create a dynamic and adaptive model....[Read more]
26 October 2020 – Na Boon Chong, Managing Director and Partner, Aon; Ravi Nippani, Associate Partner, Aon; Jacob Tan, Director, Aon
The type of management needed and compensation offered by private companies differ not only from that of publicly listed companies but would also vary depending upon the particular growth stage of the company....[Read more]
21 July 2020 – Andrew Mahony, Head of Cyber Solutions - Risk, Asia, Aon
The Business Times
As more and more Small and Medium Enterprises in Singapore step up their digitalisation efforts with the help of government grants, it is important not to ignore the cyber threats that they may face, especially as many employees continue to work remotely...[Read more]
15 July 2020 – Andrew Mahony, Head of Cyber Solutions - Risk, Asia, Aon
As more and more Small and Medium Enterprises in Singapore step up their digitalisation efforts with the help of government grants, it is important not to ignore the cyber threats that they may face, especially as many employees continue to work remotely...[Read more]
9 July 2020 – Voon Keong Lee, Performance and Reward Lead, Aon & Ishita Goel, Consultant, Retirement Solutions, Human Capital Solutions, Aon
The Edge Singapore
Businesses are looking to manage a new world of work in a post-Covid-19 economy. From the human cloud and digital nomads, to global workers and asset-light businesses...[Read more]
7 July 2020 – Martijn de Lange, Associate Director - Tax, Transaction Liability Insurance, Asia, Aon
Asia Insurance Review
In most M&A transactions, tax forms an integral part of the due diligence (DD) conducted. The tax DD is meant to allow the buyer to attain a more in-depth understanding of the tax risk profile and liabilities associated with the target...[Read more]
19 June 2020 – Sandra Lee, Head of Transaction Liability Insurance, Asia, Aon & Aris Wong, Associate Director - Transaction Liability Insurance, Asia, Aon
The Edge Singapore
As the Covid-19 pandemic evolves there is a heightened push to renegotiate deal terms. Several deals have been stalled or cancelled, specifically in healthcare and aged care; tourism, F&B and hospitality; logistics and supply chain; and oil and gas sectors...[Read more]
28 May 2020 – Na Boon Chong, Director & Partner, Southeast Asia, Human Capital Solutions, Aon & Peter Bentley, Chief Commercial Officer & Future of Work Lead, Global, Human Capital Solutions, Aon
Business Times
While it may be an oversimplification, Covid-19 has presented businesses with the rare opportunity to begin driving economic value and employee value at the same time...[Read more]
January / February 2020 – Amanda Mercep, Head of Wellbeing Solutions, North Asia, Aon
With trends of continued high medical costs and the demand to recruit and retain top talent, well-being is becoming an increasingly important part of organisations’ overall business strategy and employer value proposition...[Read more]
14 January 2020 – Julian Taylor, Head of Crisis Management, Asia, Aon
Insurance Asia News
It’s no secret that Hong Kong has seen widespread physical and financial damage to property and business due to arson and vandalism with insurance claims reaching more than...[Read more]
2 August 2019 – Na Boon Chong, Managing Director and Partner, Human Capital Solutions, Southeast Asia, Aon
The Business Times, Singapore
Rising regulatory pressures and increased scrutiny by investors and consumers alike are forcing companies to re-examine what they stand for and how their values translate into actions that benefit society beyond the boardroom. How executives are assessed and rewarded needs to keep up with that ...[Read more]
3 July 2019 – Andrew Hare, Managing Director, Asia, Aon Inpoint
The Business Times, Singapore
SMALL and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore are competing in an increasingly challenging business environment. The business world provides many examples of companies that failed to innovate and meet customers’ needs: Toys ‘R’ Us, the children’s toy store in the US, closed its doors for good last July after failing to reinvent itself...[Read more]
25 May 2019 – Francis Ball, Senior Adviser of Retirement, Health and Wealth Management, Aon & Eddie Chua, Consultant, Talent, Rewards & Performance, Aon
People Matters
In July 2018, former CEO of both Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV and Ferrari NV passed away following complications from shoulder surgery. He had been seriously ill for more than a year; however, the companies he led weren’t told of his condition until just a few days before his death...[Read more]
23 April 2019 – Ravi Nippani, Director, APAC, Middle East and Africa, Radford
People Matters
In 2018, the technology industry in China took significant leaps. MarketWatch named 11 U.S. companies in its list of Top 20 biggest tech companies—including Apple, Google, and Facebook. However, the remaining nine are all Chinese companies—including tech giants Tencent, Baidu, and Alibaba. With nine of the world’s top twenty technology companies originating from China...[Read more]
21 March 2019 – Kumar Subramanian, Partner, Talent, Rewards and Performance, South East Asia, Aon
Singapore Business Review
Remuneration packages of CEOs in Singapore are fairly modest in comparison to their global counterparts, according to Kumar Subramanian, partner for talent rewards and performance, southeast Asia at AON. “For perspective, the CEO of an S&P 500 company was paid on an average around US$14m a year...[Read more]
15 February 2019 – Na Boon Chong, Managing Director and Partner – Talent, Rewards, and Performance, Singapore, Aon
People Matters
2018 continued to be a year of digital disruption and changing business models. Business and HR leaders are coming to terms with the fact that old rules no longer apply in managing talent. A dynamic business environment and a shortage of critical talent are compelling employers to relook...[Read more]
11 February, 2019 – Christopher Coe, Head of Agriculture, Treaty Reinsurance Solutions, Asia Pacific, Aon
Insurance Asia News
The lack of rainfall in Eastern Australia was the worst in recent memory and was estimated to have caused more than US$1 billion in economic damage. In fact, drought made headlines across the globe in 2018 as Central and Northern Europe, South America, China, India, and the US...[Read more]
11 January 2019 – Ronak Marolia, Regional Solution Lead, South East Asia, Aon
People Matters
Sales is, arguably, one of the most dynamic functions of any business. With technological advancements and rapidly changing consumer expectations, the sales role continues to evolve through a multitude of channels including direct field sales, digital and inside sales...[Read more]
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