Revised Hull War, Piracy, Terrorism and Related Perils Listed Areas – How does it impact owners and charterers?

What happened?
Following worrying developments in the Gulf of Guinea over the past year, the Joint War Committee in London has published a new set of Hull War, Piracy, Terrorism and Related Perils Listed Areas, the JWLA-025, dated 21st September 2020.
The amendments from the outgoing JWLA-024 (17th May 2019) to the new version is the expansion of the excluded areas in the Gulf of Guinea, which now encompass an irregular pentagonal body of water, starting close to the border of Togo and Ghana to one side, and the Cape Lopez Peninsula in Gabon on other. The territorial waters of Nigeria, Togo and Benin remain excluded.
Revised Hull War, Piracy, Terrorism and Related Perils Listed Areas Map 
How does it impact owners and charterers?
With the expansion of the Excluded Areas in the Gulf of Guinea (GoG), the Joint War Committee is confirming the deteriorating situation in the GoG and Nigeria specifically. Owners and Charterers should use even higher caution when sailing to/from these areas, particularly with sensitive vessels types such as tankers and LNG’s.
Owners and Charterers will now be met with Additional Premiums to reinstate their War Risks cover further South than was previously the case. Due to the updated list of excluded areas, passage to the territorial waters of Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon (north of the Cape Lopez Peninsula) through the High Seas is now in breach of the new Listed Areas. However, the territorial waters of these three countries are not excluded.
At the time of writing, it is unclear whether vessels will be able to sail up to Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea by staying within their territorial waters, as well as the territorial waters of Gabon.
Several War Risks underwriters have already issued a seven-day Notice of Cancellation on their policies, and these new Listed Areas will come into force on most War Policies worldwide in the next 7 days.
Contact us for more information on Breach of War Risks Trading Areas and Additional Premium to sail to these areas.
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