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Recent Trends & Happenings
A short insights on the recent trends and happenings in the Asia M&A insurance market.
Warranty & Indemnity Insurance
W&I insurance enables parties to an M&A transaction to pro-actively manage transaction risks. This brings with it a number of benefits, including a clean exit for sellers, peace of mind for buyers and facilitation of the negotiation process (thereby enhancing deal certainty).
表明保証保険(Warranty & Indemnity Insurance)は、取引に関するリスクの能動的なマネジメントすることが可能です。表明保証保険は、売主にとってのクリーン イグジット、 買主にとっての安心感、そして交渉過程への促進(従っ て、M&A取引の確定性の向上)を含め、様々な戦略的有用性を持ちます。
Aon Transaction Solutions team is delighted to announce the launch of its new global Private Equity Secondaries Solutions. Aon helps leverage insurance capital to de-risk secondary funds, provide greater liquidity to investors and improve your fund’s balance sheet risks by maximizing sale proceeds at closing and reducing or eliminating potential clawback exposure and post-closing reserve requirements.
In today's rapidly evolving global business landscape, organizations constantly seek ways to adapt and maintain a competitive edge. Companies have begun to streamline their operations and focus on core competences. Consequently, carve-out situations are increasingly at the forefront of M&A transactions.
Tax Liability Insurance
Tax liability insurance seeks to reduce or eliminate the exposure of an identified tax risk, from a successful challenge to the expected tax treatment of a proposed or historic transaction by the local or foreign tax authority, by transferring the tax risk from the taxpayer to an insurer.
Transfer pricing has been a key area of tax authority focus and occasional controversy over the last decade. Because of the subjective nature of transfer pricing positions, the risk of adjustments to taxable income, double taxation, and the potential for interest and penalties can be substantial.
Tax insurance solutions are increasingly being applied in M&A transactions to protect buyers from certain known or identified tax risks which arise as a result of due diligence or seller disclosures. This article discusses potential tax risks faced by financial sponsors during the lifecycle of a fund and how tax insurance can be strategically procured to reduce uncertainty and enhance liquidity for funds reaching the end of their mandates.
Litigation and Contingent Risk Insurance
Uncertainty in a dispute can lock up capital and threaten the smooth closing of an M&A deal. This article explores adverse judgment insurance and judgment preservation insurance and how these solutions can mitigate the uncertainty in a litigation or arbitration, ensuring that deals proceed on optimal terms.
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