Solutions for Large Corporations in the Construction Sector

Finances, people and safety is at the core of our dedicated construction practice group’s focus. Comprised of a technical and legally qualified team of risk advisors, insurance and surety brokers, we work seamlessly with construction businesses big and small to provide them with the broadest cover available through a tailored insurance program to best suit their needs.

At Aon, we understand that successful project delivery is often at the risk of delays, defects in workmanship, materials risk, workforce turnover and uninsured events, and that the implication of these issues can lead to financial exposure.
As brokers, we understand these risks and are uniquely positioned to assist by providing Trade Credit or Surety programs to help construction businesses avoid accumulating bad debt or being out of pocket, so they can achieve their financial goals.
Aon has the proven capability to identify business practices that are impacting efficiency, as well as providing the workable solutions that will help to improve your company’s operations both today and in the future.
People & Safety
We know that construction and contractor business owners are under pressure to attract and retain talent whilst maintaining productivity. And that building a healthy and engaged workforce has shifted from simply managing physical safety to improving mental health and employee behaviour by managing issues like bullying and harassment.
In addition to insurable risk, we have access to expert WHS consultants, legal and HR consultants and work with you to understand uninsurable risks like people and safety through the analysis of key employee drivers and motivations.
End to End Construction Risk Solutions
Having 70+ national industry specialists has taught us that like each project, each business is unique and faces specific risks that need to be both identified and addressed. Whether it’s the development of a toll road, or a home renovation, Aon has the experience and processes to design and deliver the optimal insurance solutions for Australian construction businesses that maximise profit whilst minimising risk.
Aon has the largest construction risk and insurance practice in Australia and has a joint venture with the Housing Industry Association. Our national presence and leadership in the construction insurance industry enables us to provide our clients with access to experienced professionals regardless of where they operate.


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