Your details in the event of a claim

Contact us on 1800 795 019 in the event of a claim.
We recommend you lodge a claim even if you are concerned cover may not be available under your policy.
To lodge your claim, we will require the following information:

  • name of insured on your policy, and policy number, if available
  • the location of the damage
  • the extent of the damage
  • an estimate of the damage
  • a contact name and number
  • details of  any health and safety concerns.

If possible, take photographic or video evidence of the property loss, and document your loss document your loss. This can be done after you have lodged your claim.

Mitigating further loss
All insurance policies stipulate the need for policy holders  to mitigate losses following an event. After the event has taken place, and you can access the premises safely, you will need to assess whether you can make the premises secure, and put appropriate measures in place that minimise any further loss and/or health and safety hazards.
Should you need to dispose of any property due to health and safety concerns, please take photographs of the damaged property, and inform Aon of your intention to dispose before doing so.

Once you have access to your property, if possible, conduct a stock take of all damaged assets, and group these together ready for disposal. Please provide this information to your Claims specialist, and only dispose of assets once approval has been granted by the appointed assessor and/or the insurer.

Always ensure your safety, and the safety, of others by following these safety tips.