How Aon Can Help


It’s important ensure your tangible assets are valued correctly, in case you are impacted by severe weather and need to make a claim. Aon is a market leader in the valuation and reconciliation of tangible assets. Our team of accredited expert valuers have an intimate knowledge of valuations and valuation methods, with extensive experience in accounting, tax compliance, litigation, financial reporting and insurance valuations. We cover the complete range of tangible assets including land, buildings, plant, equipment, infrastructure, mobile plant and fine arts across all industries.

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Business continuity management

Would you be able to continue to operate your business if your premises flooded? All businesses should have a plan on how they will deal with potential crises and how to keep the business running. Business Continuity Management provides a framework for building organisational resilience, with the capacity for an effective response that safeguards the interests of key stakeholders, reputation, brand and value-creating activity and Aon can help you with this.

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Risk control and engineering

It is a fact of life - losses can occur and can be devastating to a business. Be it fire, flood, drought or cyclone. Is your business prepared for an unexpected loss?
Aon’s Risk Control & Engineering team is able to provide specialist advice to help you minimise the frequency and the impact of a loss. Be it a property, liability or environmental peril, we can help you identify risks and provide practical advice to mitigate and control these risks.

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Analytical services

A well managed business understands the risks to which it may be exposed and manages them on a daily basis. However, ensuring you have quantified the risks appropriately is crucial.  A comprehensive risk analysis empowers you to decide how best to optimise your organisation's risk financing strategy.  Buying too much insurance may result in inefficient use of capital; buy too little insurance and an organisation may place its financial viability in jeopardy. Aon's Analytical Services team has the capability and actuarial tools to undertake an insurable risk profiling exercise to ensure you have the right information to make informed decisions about your risk management.

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Business insurance/General property insurance

If your region is hit with severe weather or a natural catastrophe, there is a chance that your business premises may have some damage. Business insurance or general property insurance may be able to provide some cover for property and contents damage. Some business insurance policies also include cover for business interruption, if your business incurs losses from not being able to run. Aon can assist your business to make a decision regarding the appropriate cover.

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Business interruption insurance

While some business insurance policies do include some business interruption cover, it is also possible to buy a separate business interruption policy to help protect your business. Business interruption policies often provide more comprehensive cover for business interruption than the business insurance policy, but it’s important to compare policies and find out what is right for your business. Aon is an experienced adviser and can help you to make an informed decision.

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