Our firm’s foundations around the world provide a strong focus and ability to invest in new technologies and innovative approaches that help our clients.

Aon invests more than $400 million in data and analytics every year. That investment has allowed us to develop the unique CreditHub platform, which sits at the cutting edge of Aon’s credit solutions.

Trading desk – risk insights in real time

The TradingDesk component of CreditHub provides our teams with access to an automated data interface with insurers’ buyer limits systems.

Holding data for more than 1.5 million unique buyers, TradingDesk helps to identify possible capacity and maximise credit limit approvals.


Policy Manager – credit insurance managed

Aon’s PolicyManager securely integrates your ERP system with the platforms of insurers.

Providing a platform and real-time data you can trust, PolicyManager has been developed for operational excellence with functionality that supports multiple policies, insurers and languages.


Key benefits

  • Claim payments made easy
  • Accelerate decision-making
  • Improve program performance
  • Optimise self underwriting cover
  • Improve limit coverage 
  • Save time and costs

Credit Solutions Experts

Peter Christo
National Sales Manager
+61 3 9211 3219 
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Gareth Nicholls

Client Manager
+61 3 9211 3731
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Suzanne Dassen

Client Manager
+61 (0)392 113 405 
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