Trade Credit Insurance

Protecting your balance sheet.


In our increasingly interconnected world, business leaders must contend with new, transformative technologies, unpredictable societal issues and amplified geopolitical risk.

In a volatile economic climate, impacted by supply chain disruption, input cost pressures and COVID related delays, client insolvency represent a significant business risk.

When an insolvency occurs your trade credit policy reacts to ensure you get paid for the goods sold and services provided but it doesn’t stop there.
A Trade Credit Program can help a business to: 

  • Identify and assess counterparty risk
  • Evaluate buyer, sector or political risks in new jurisdictions
  • Support growth through increased trading with new or existing clients
  • Improve financing terms
  • Reduce bad debt accruals
  • Optimize working capital 

Our network of credit specialists operating in 55 countries allows us to craft solutions and support our clients on an international scale.


Creating value for clients

Supporting our clients is about more than just optimizing coverage levels.

It also means acting quickly to identify and manage uninsured exposures – closing the gap between insured risk and uninsured risk for more comprehensive coverage.


Credit Solutions Experts

Peter Christo
National Sales Manager
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Gareth Nicholls

Client Manager
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Suzanne Dassen

Client Manager
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