Aon Global Risk Consulting Services

Aon Global Risk Consulting Services

In today’s global environment, business risks are no longer isolated by industry, geography or country. Economic slowdown, regulatory changes, cyber crime, increased competition, damage to reputation, and other critical risks are complex, inter-related and global in consequence.

Aon Global Risk Consulting (AGRC) is the world's leading risk consulting organization. With nearly 1,800 risk professionals in 50 countries worldwide, AGRC consultants have the expertise and experience to recognize and address the unique challenges and opportunities that face out clients.

Supporting Optimized Risk Programs through Market-Leading Risk Consulting

In close partnership with Aon’s broking team, AGRC provides comprehensive and tailored solutions through a consistent global approach backed by a panel of industry experts. Our risk control, claims and engineering team consists of 600 professionals who support clients globally in the property and casualty risk control arena. Our captive and insurance management practice is widely recognized as the leading captive manager, with local capabilities in over 30 countries.

Risk Control & Claims

With the recent acquisition of Dempsey Partners, Aon’s Claims Preparation, Property Claims Advocacy and Valuations staff of 75 experts deliver an unparalleled level of expertise, experience and innovation to clients in the primary service areas of claims advocacy, claims preparation and pre-loss asset and business interruption valuation. In addition to property damage and business interruption, the group’s expertise includes fidelity, fraud, cyber and supply chain. Our services help lower the cost of risk and protect the bottom line as we work cooperatively and diligently to achieve client objectives.

Risk Consulting and Analytics

Our Risk Consulting business unit includes leading disciples that include actuarial, business continuity management (BCM), enterprise risk management (ERM), risk management outsource and risk feasibility. Our Actuarial & Analytics (A&A) practice consists of more than 100 consultants including 47 actuaries having Property & Casualty (P&C) credentials. We currently serve over 150 captive insurance companies in over 12 domiciles worldwide. The Aon A&A team publishes six industry-leading loss cost benchmarking reports, which help inform our clients—and the industry as a whole—on the state of the market.

Risk Consulting’s ERM practice developed the Risk Maturity Index in 2011, which is now a standard in the marketplace, enabling organizations to self assess their firm’s risk management approach. Our BCM team enables clients to build more operationally resilient frameworks and better mitigate risks in the face of significant risk events.

As a key source of innovation in the risk marketplace, AGRC has developed or co-developed several market- leading tools and services, including the Aon Laser casualty diagnostic to help organization drive down casualty cost of risk, the Risk Maturity Index, an award-winning tool to asses risk maturity and D&O Insight, Risk & Insurance’s Risk Innovator for 2013 honored as a service to model and forecast D&O exposures. The Aon Global Risk Management Survey, published every two years, is a mainstay in the risk landscape, surveying and reporting on the risk industry’s attitudes on risk.

Aon Captive & Insurance Management

Aon's Captive & Insurance Management team manages approximately 1,450 insurance entities worldwide including captives, protected and incorporated cell facilities, special purpose vehicles and specialist insurance and reinsurance companies.

As a business unit within Aon's Global Risk Consulting group, we leverage the diverse risk consulting expertise required for a successful risk management program. Our consulting and management teams work closely together to create and implement innovative solutions.

AGRC’s consulting expertise is applicable to all areas in our clients’ risk portfolios, with a focus on the following key areas:

Property Risk Consulting

  • Cost-effective asset protection programs
  • Claims prep and advocacy
  • Nat Cat response (Rapid Response)
  • Asset valuation and business interruption
  • Supply chain and contingent business interruption (CBI)
  • Innovative risk mitigation strategies
  • Property and business interruption valuations (X-V Analysis®)
  • Access to a best-in-class proprietary data management solution
  • Cyber risk, fraud and fidelity

Casualty Risk Consulting

  • Holistic, metric-driven Strategic Improvement Platform (SIP) approach to casualty
  • Casualty TCOR diagnostics (Aon Laser and Illuminate)
  • Cost-effective compliance and loss-cost reduction programs
  • Minimizing the costs from employee injury, third-party liabilities and product liabilities
  • Safety training and culture improvement
  • Ergonomic consulting and ErgoTracker BBS
  • Musculoskeletal Claims Validation (MCV)
  • Early Claims Identification (ECI)
  • Fleet safety

Property and Casualty Claims Consulting

  • Evaluating carriers, third-party administrators, adjuster contracts, and internal processes
  • Improving operational efficiencies and cash flow
  • Reducing collateral and claims administration costs
  • Supporting continuity, resilience goals and a maximum return on insurance investments

Fire Protection Engineering

  • Building code consultation and security
  • Security system design
  • Fire / loss prevention and smoke control
  • Workplace violence prevention
  • Life Safety
  • Consulting services

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

  • Extracting value from risk investments balancing the needs of internal and external stakeholders
  • Managing the increasing complexity and interdependency of risk
  • Aon Risk Maturity Index risk assessment
  • Managing the impact of volatility on financial performance and making the business case for appropriate resource allocation

Business Continuity Management (BCM)

  • Emergency management and response planning
  • Crisis management communications
  • Risk evaluation control remediation
  • Supply chain management techniques

Risk Management Outsourcing

  • Dedicated on site services
  • Staffed by risk management professionals
  • Transitional and special needs staffing
  • Access to broader base of risk management expertise
  • Self insured state filings

Actuarial & Analytical

  • Effectively managing your organization’s Total Cost of Risk
  • Predictive modeling and advanced analytics
  • Workers comp reserving
  • Lowering collateral requirements and letters of credit held by insurance carriers
  • Determining cost savings associated with different retentions or deductibles
  • Risk Finance Decision Platform and risk appetite modeling
  • Loss cost benchmarking

Captive Management and Consulting

  • Knowledge and experience provided by a pool of more than 470 captive management experts worldwide
  • Dynamic financial analysis to fully optimize a captive’s potential
  • Alternative financing facilities for greater cost-effectiveness
  • Cost benefits through economies of scale and geographical efficiencies

Crisis Management

  • Loss mitigation consultants
  • Crisis management planning

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