Aon Risk Services - Ergonomics

Aon’s Ergonomics and Human Factors Consulting Capabilities

Aon’s experienced staff of consultants delivers innovative, proven ergonomics and human factors solutions. Our global consulting network can efficiently meet your ergonomics and human factors project needs, ranging from site-specific projects to global/international ergonomic process initiatives.

We deliver a broad range of proven consulting services that range from addressing existing problems to incorporating ergonomics and human factors into design. We have experience in a variety of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, heavy industry, chemical/process, retail, logistics/distribution, oil and gas, transportation, defense, electronics, and agriculture.

Experienced Consultants

We have an experienced team of consultants ready to deliver practical, proven solutions to meet your ergonomics consulting needs.

  • Our consultants are Board Certified Professional Ergonomists (CPE) averaging 20 years of experience applying ergonomics to a wide variety of industries.
  • In addition to the CPE, many of our consultants hold other relevant certifications and licenses, including: PE (Professional Engineer), CQE (Certified Quality Engineer), and Six Sigma Black Belt.
  • We have consulting experience in virtually every type of industry (manufacturing, healthcare, heavy industry, retail, logistics/distribution, oil and gas, transportation, defense, electronics, chemical/process, agriculture, etc.) and work in partnership with many Fortune 500 businesses.
  • Our consultants are skilled at interfacing with a variety of levels within an organization, from Risk Managers and VPs to shop floor employees. Our strategy truly is a partnership, recognizing that our ergonomics expertise combined with the client’s essential knowledge of their own organization will result in optimal solution strategies.

Proven Solutions

We offer a proven line of pre-loss and post-loss ergonomics consulting solutions.

  • Ergonomics Risk Assessment. Whether at the organizational level or individual operations we help your company identify, prioritize, and manage ergonomic-related risks.
  • We develop solutions! Through Ergonomics Problem Solving, we provide assistance in evaluating ergonomic-related hazards and developing practical, innovative solutions. We also provide assistance in project cost justification and tracking/managing the entire process.
  • Human Factors Integration. We have significant experience in the implementation of human factors throughout major design projects with the aim of reducing occupational injuries and the likelihood and consequences of human errors during construction and operation.
  • Design Assistance. We work with your organization to get it right the first time, preventing injuries by incorporating sound ergonomics principles in design of workstations, facilities, and even products.
  • Control Environment Assessment and Design. Our approach to control environment addresses both physical layout and control system review. In an environment where the consequences of human error may be catastrophic, application of our expertise seeks to optimize operating conditions.
  • Impactful Training Programs. Our training can be delivered by live presentation as well as courses designed for efficient, economical web-based delivery.
    • Ergonomics Team/Committee Training
    • Ergonomics Problem Solving Process
    • Ergonomics for Engineers
    • Incorporating Ergonomics into Product Design
    • Ergonomics Awareness Training (separate courses targeted for Managers, Supervisors, Hourly Employees, and Engineers)
  • MCV (Musculoskeletal Claim Validation). Objective evaluation of the ergonomic risk factors presented by specific jobs or tasks to help your organization decide whether to accept or deny workers compensation claims. Our support options also include expert witness testimony.
  • Innovative ergonomics eTools and software. We offer EasyTools (electronic applications that are in MS Excel) as well as web-based software to help you efficiently run and manage your ergonomics effort. Specific offering address ergonomic risk assessment, tracking/documenting projects, and ergonomics design assistance.

Going Global with Ergonomics

Whether you want to implement an ergonomics process on the site level or in multiple locations around the globe, Aon has the resources and expertise to help. We can help you integrate a consistent and effective ergonomics process throughout your global operations.

  • We speak your language. We have a world-wide consulting network that is capable of training and delivering ergonomics consulting services around the globe in four languages: English, Spanish, German, and Chinese.
  • Experienced in global roll-out of ergonomics initiatives. We have worked with clients with as many as 150+ locations around the globe to develop and deliver international ergonomics solutions. We can deliver content by a variety of delivery mechanisms including live presentation, web-based, written manuals, and eTools.