Given that insurance software programs are fundamental to every company's capital structure, keeping current and being able to manage necessary information is an extremely important task.

AonLine is a secure client portal for team collaboration, communication and information. Think of it as a secure digital doorway that connects your offices and members of your risk community with your Aon account team and centralized Aon resources.

AonLine organizes private, proprietary insurance information for thousands of companies, giving risk managers access to a wealth of general marketplace, regulatory and insurance-related news resources as well as specific business applications.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced collaborative working community, regardless of whether team members are centralized or geographically dispersed
  • Greater efficiency in the collection, management and distribution of risk data using document management capabilities
  • On-demand access to your company's proprietary risk and insurance data
  • Comprehensive global information databases with access to Aon subject matter experts and the ability to set Alerts
  • More informed and collective decision making by centralizing task lists and needed information, granting specific team members opportunity to review, react and manage
  • Single-Sign-On access (SSO) to business applications, such as Aon's Global Account Management System (GAMS) and the Interactive Political Risk Map tool, removing the need for managing separate IDs and passwords
  • Various types of intellectual capital to meet a range of needs – market and country profiles, Aon thought leadership, news articles, expert commentary, hot topics and videos – all sharable and categorized
  • Anytime, anywhere access to collective knowledge, information sharing and tasks

AonLine - a secure doorway that promotes teamwork, improves workflow and helps you retain a strategic vision of risk without losing sight of the details.

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