Aon Optics: Claims Service Provider Service

Advanced Analytics for Results-Driven TPA Service Evaluation
Selecting a new claims administration partner is a critical component of any risk management strategy. Aon offers dedicated expertise and proven methodologies in the area of Claims Service Provider program marketing. We have managed some of the largest Third Party Administrator (TPA) and Carrier reviews in the U.S., enabling us to drive critical insight and measureable outcomes for our clients. Our vast relationships with leading administrators supports our ability to provide an outstanding level of service. Moreover, our data-driven process is a true differentiator in the marketplace. We team with clients to:

  • Bring proven experience, objectivity and credibility to the selection process
  • Provide candid, realistic and contemporary Aon Optics and Managed Care market insights, comparisons and client experiences
  • Deliver quantifiable financial, administrative, and claims handling improvements

Process Aligned to your Strategic Vision
We partner with key client stakeholders to ensure we have a clear understanding of both near- and long-term objectives. We then work closely with these stakeholders to ensure our review process aligns with your strategic vision to help you select only those vendors that provide the best match to meet your objectives. Ultimately, you will be positioned to make better-informed business decisions that will achieve the most administratively efficient, least disruptive and cost-effective claims management service programs.

Some of the elements that Aon experts can assess on your behalf include, but are not limited to:
  • Account management – a single point of contact to ensure a cohesive and results-driven approach
  • Staffing models, geographies and service locations – aligning service structure tailored to your organization’s needs and approach
  • Case load requirements – managing the impact of adjuster workloads to improve outcomes
  • Pricing methodology – determining the best financial model to deliver program ROI
  • Reserving practices – balancing your financial philosophy with aligned practices
  • Quality assurance and training – ensuring continuous and sustained improvement for best claim outcomes
  • MMSEA reporting requirements – driving statutory compliance and accountability
  • Adherence to special handling – developing critical communication and service triggers
  • Litigation/Subrogation management – Promoting results-driven litigation outcomes and maximizing claim recoveries
  • Managed care components – maximizing savings and minimizing transaction costs
  • Data and RMIS capabilities – managing accurate, efficient and timely claims information and analytics
  • Transition planning – ensuring smooth program implementation by establishing clear objectives, timelines and procedures
  • Service contracts – negotiating the most beneficial terms and conditions

Aon Optics Process Methodology
The Aon Optics selection process enables you to objectively evaluate and consider alternative vendor partners, as well as your current claims administration and medical management vendors. Aon will identify, pre-qualify, and document qualified Claims Administrators capable of:

  • Effectively aligning with your specific claims administration policies
  • Creating quality controls and metrics for claims management that will provide you with more consistent claims handling and better execution on claim files, thereby reducing claims cost over time and ultimately lower your casualty cost of risk
  • Leveraging specific pricing methods to improve the value of managed care services associated with your program, while providing you with greater certainty around the cost of those services
  • Performing optimally for both quality and claims outcomes as confirmed by data contained within our Audit Performance Data Exchange (APEx)
  • Delivering an identifiable, measurable and improved Return on Investment (ROI)

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