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Aon’s unparalleled Benchmarking Capability combined with Industry Leading Expertise

Aon Laser is unique in the risk marketplace. By leveraging the largest analytics group of any broker, we are able to access and analyze proprietary benchmarking information on key frequency and severity trends and support our casualty specialists in identifying cost drivers, quantifying their impact and creating end-to-end solutions to help manage your program more effectively.

Another distinguishing feature of Laser is the vast scope in which it can be applied. Aided by contributions from Aon Hewitt, the Laser process includes the study of both occupational and non-occupational program elements that contribute to your loss costs such as total absence management and hiring strategies making Laser the most comprehensive Casualty TCOR analysis in the industry.

Improve your Risk Profile

Armed with powerful knowledge from the baseline report, Aon Laser goes further. Aon’s consultants employ data mining techniques to perform a deep dive into your actual loss information and identify root causes and risk criteria that contribute to key loss cost drivers. By examining the drivers of your historical loss patterns, we utilize predictive modeling to identify how to positively reshape your risk profile and estimate the impact of risk improvement. We are able to identify risk characteristics that appear to be precursors to problematic claims. We then flag future claims with similar characteristics in order to direct them to a resolution path with limited escalation opportunity.

Aon’s Early Claims ID process is just one of many innovative strategies we have developed as part of Aon Laser. Because our team works collaboratively with you, we also understand and can anticipate the impact of internal and external business drivers influencing your risk profile. Examples of such factors could include M&A activity, new/divested product lines, geographic expansion, union negotiations, hiring practices, and many others. These perspectives help ensure that all solutions we propose are relevant, timely and effective for your business.

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