Aon Spectrum Analytics®

Enhancing Aon’s Casualty Value Proposition

Aon Spectrum Analytics® is an innovative product offering that provides risk leaders with an interactive web-based workers’ compensation claims dashboarding tool that leverages Aon’s Sophi platform and Aon Casualty Laser™ benchmarking - including leading advisory consultation – to identify cost savings opportunities and monitor the performance of workers’ compensation risk mitigation strategies.

Insight through interactive analytics


Aon Spectrum Analytics® leverages the wealth of data and insights accrued in our proprietary Casualty Laser database, providing clients with an unparalleled view of key loss prevention and claims management performance indicators and cost drivers. Using the powerful interactive dashboard, clients can perform virtual, on-the-fly benchmarking of their operations, easily comparing key performance indicators between regions, locations and even occupations, resulting in the identification of problem areas within minutes.

In addition to the interactive, dynamic dashboard, the Aon Spectrum Analytics® platform provides clients with Total Cost of Risk (TCoR) advisory services, including targeted mitigation strategies provided by Aon’s Casualty consultants. This combination of proprietary benchmarking and advisory services create an unparalleled next step in leveraging data to manage your loss costs, by far the largest single element of workers’ compensation TCoR.

Aon Spectrum Analytics® reinforces Aon’s commitment to Data and Analytics, provides valuable insights, helps improve an organization’s risk profile and demonstrates the progress in TCoR reduction. Aon’s brokers will utilize these insights to negotiate improvements in risk transfer, financing and collateral, and support marketing efforts.

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