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The Aon Trustee Checklist

Making a decision - any decision - is hard. Making the right decision is even harder. But, if we have all the facts, expertise, and experience at our fingertips, we are fine - right?

Maybe not. Trustee boards are faced with multiple ideas competing for investment, and once these decisions have been made, multiple tasks competing to be implemented first. So where should you begin?

Aon has been working with behavioural insight agency Behave London to research the behavioural biases involved in trustee decision-making. We have created The Aon Trustee Checklist to help with investment decision-making processes.

Robust testing of the checklist showed that it helped trustees of DB schemes to reduce decision-making bias - and make better decisions. By knowing when and how mental shortcuts and biases influenced their decision-making, they were able to take a first step towards distancing themselves from their effects.

Aon Trustee Checklist - Understanding trustee decision-making

A short report on our research process is also available here.

Aon Trustee Checklist - Pension decision-making in trustee meetings

Download your interactive Aon Trustee Checklist and try it in your next trustee meeting.

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