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Investment Transparency & Disclosure in the UK

As part of Aon's drive in the UK for transparency and disclosure in relation to our performance as a fiduciary manager and as investment consultants, we publish statistics on our performance and fees.

  1. Performance of investment managers across a range of asset classes that are rated ‘Buy', compared to appropriate benchmarks
  2. Performance information in relation to a range of fiduciary management example portfolios, compared to example liability benchmarks

This information is only accessible to those located in the United Kingdom and are either professional clients (as defined by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority), or are advisers to professional clients. You will be asked to confirm that you meet the above criteria before you will be given access to the information.

Request the data

This performance and fee data will be updated on a periodic basis.

If you would like any further information about this data, please:

Email [email protected].


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