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Aon Foundation Goals and Interests

Aon is committed to making the communities where we do business stronger. As the philanthropic arm of Aon plc, the Aon Foundation provides financial support to programs with demonstrated success in several key areas.


The Aon Foundation’s primary funding interest is the education of young people. The Foundation supports programs that promote access to and excellence in education, especially programs that advance school readiness, academic achievement for school-aged children and college preparedness/admission for underserved populations. In addition, we invest in programs that prepare our future workforce and help develop our next generation’s leaders.

Arts & Culture, Civic & Community Affairs, Environmental Issues and Human Services

The Foundation also supports the enrichment of our society through arts and cultural programs and community development and human service projects that serve diverse communities, with emphasis on the development of at-risk youth.

The Aon Foundation has a particular interest in organizations and programs that align with our corporate values.

Deliver Distinctive Client Value

Organizations and programs that not only meet a demonstrated need in their communities, but are uniquely positioned to do so.

Develop Unmatched Teams

Organizations that partner and collaborate for greater effectiveness.
Programs that promote access to education and develop next generation leaders.

Build Differentiated Capability Through Innovation

Organizations that have ongoing quality improvement and sustainability practices in place.
Programs that offer new approaches to addressing community needs.

Deliver Business Results With Excellence

Organizations that meet/exceed accreditation or industry best practice standards
Programs that have demonstrable success in reaching target populations and achieving program goals.

Live Our Values

Organizations with high ethical standards and inclusive environments.
Programs that enhance the diversity and culture of our communities and reach underserved populations.

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