Global Compensation Data for Asia Pacific

Attracting, retaining and motivating the right people while meeting growth targets is one of the top challenges for leaders today. In a rapidly changing pay landscape organisations are striving for data and insights around compensation that gives them the edge to make better people decisions. Not to mention an evolving legal and regulatory environment – the need for pay transparency as well as insights on pay differentials are top of mind.

To tackle these issues in a meaningful way, you need more than just a few salary data points at your fingertips; you need instant access to regularly updated comprehensive insights and analytics so that you make the right decisions. Aon’s Human Capital Analytics Platform takes a data-first approach ensuring your team benefit from high-quality, accurate and relevant data to drive informed people decisions in your business.


Asia Pacific compensation coverage that gives your organisation a data edge

Aon’s Human Capital Analytics platform is powered by the Radford McLagan Compensation Database (RMCD), our unified global platform designed to provide compensation analytics for all industries.

The platform includes data from over 9,000 organisations Globally and 2,500 in the Asia Pacific Region across all key markets including – Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, New Zealand

Find out more about our Global Radford McLagan Compensation Database (RMCD)

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Covering a wide range of Industry compensation data

With our industry-specific expertise and global reach, we enable clients to make informed decisions and stay competitive in a complex human capital environment. We deliver strategic solutions based on a deep understanding of your business, your sector, your people and the competitive landscape.


Our Industries

  • Technology
  • Life Sciences
  • Professional Services
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Finance Insurance
  • Retail & E-Commerce
  • Media & Gaming
  • Consumer Goods
  • Energy, Resource & Renewables
  • Plus more

Compensation data with a comprehensive view of Asia Pacific

We collaborate across our local and global networks to ensure our clients benefit from the full range of our collective expertise and experience.

Below shows a recent snapshot of the Asia Pacific coverage of our global database

Country Number of firms Number of jobs
Australia 1038 3463
China 1066 5109
Hong Kong 419 1437
India 1080 5191
Japan 662 2596
Malaysia 524 2597
New Zealand 404 1502
Philippines 260 1905
Singapore 829 3366
South Korea 426 1725
Thailand 254 1244


What does our reward data cover?

  • Base salary
  • Total guaranteed cash compensation
  • Total cash compensation
  • Total direct compensation
  • Total remuneration
  • Total employment cost

Tools that deliver unmatched analytics capability

Aon's Human Capital Analytics Platform is designed to address real-world compensation challenges. Whether you’re dealing with a fire drill job offer, a large-scale analysis or looking at workforce metrics, you’ll be able to find this data on our platform with the ability to benchmark pay on-demand for thousands of jobs in a highly targeted manner across demographic, geographic and industry lines. Request a demo to find out more about how Aon’s Human Capital Analytics platform can give you a data edge.

  • Quick Benchmarks
  • Market Queries
  • Peer Groups
  • Location Analytics
  • Talent Intelligence
  • Talent Metrics

Tap into data driven insights

By arranging a tour of our regularly updated, instantly accessible database you are taking the first step to upgrading your people decision making. Let us know how best to reach you and we’ll be in touch shortly.


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Client voices

"We would recommend partnering with the Radford Platform team to peers in our network as Radford is one of the strongest compensation data providers in our industry. The Radford Network® offers a wide range of survey products in an easy-to-navigate and user-friendly environment, which makes participation simple. In addition, multiple software functionalities are included for effective data usage — one of the most valuable is the new feature to create peer groups. Furthermore, the team is always helpful with requests or questions, and are prepared to advise on new or evolving situations. We value our long-term cooperation with Radford.”
Katherine Bonny – VP, Total Rewards
Edwards Lifesciences
"Radford is the best survey company I’ve ever interacted with. We chose the Radford Platform as our primary compensation source because of the trust stakeholders have in you, and your high-quality global benchmark data and market practice reports support almost everything we need. The new Radford Global Compensation Database and the Radford Network® are not only user-friendly, but also equipped with all of the functionality we need, particularly the Market Queries and Quick Benchmarks tools.”
Lisa Zhu, Lenovo


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