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Featuring data on more than 25 million employees working in 100-plus countries and sovereignties at more than 9,000 organizations, the Radford McLagan Compensation Database is a leading source of compensation data, analytics, and insights for total rewards professionals around the globe. Indeed, our clients access the database more than 85,000 times a month.

The Radford McLagan Compensation Database provides clients with a unified database, reporting experience, and methodology, while retaining the rich industry-specific expertise clients expected from our legacy Radford and McLagan compensation survey platforms. We continue to provide incredibly robust compensation benchmarks in the technology, life sciences and financial services sectors, and offer insights across a growing set of adjacent industries including financial technology, mobility, retail and e-commerce, and more.

To learn more about the in-depth industry coverage, reporting features, and actionable analytics we deliver to clients, continue exploring below:

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Industry Coverage (17)

17 Solutions
  • Technology

    6.1 million employees at over 1,900 organizations

  • Life Sciences

    2.2 million employees at over 1,600 organizations

  • Banking

    3.5 million employees at over 800 organizations

  • Asset Management

    300 thousand employees at over 500 organizations

  • Retail and E-Commerce

    5.4 million employees at over 300 organizations

  • Manufacturing

    2.2 million employees at over 570 organizations

  • Insurance

    300 thousand employees at over 300 organizations

  • Consulting and Professional Services

    3.8 million employees at over 400 organizations

  • Hospitality

    1.1 million employees at over 160 organizations

  • Media and Gaming

    412 thousand employees at over 170 organizations

  • Energy

    335 thousand employees at over 350 organizations

  • Community and Government

    276 thousand employees at over 280 organizations

  • Wealth Management

    50 thousand employees at over 300 organizations

  • Healthcare

    378 thousand employees at over 280 organizations

  • Financial Technology

    200 thousand employees at over 750 organizations

  • Transportation

    260 thousand employees at over 60 organizations

  • Private Companies

    4.0 million employees at over 3,300 organizations

Reporting Features (5)

5 Solutions
  • Quick Benchmarks

    Quickly explore compensation data on a job family basis with advanced filtering and on-screen rendering of charts and data tables.

  • Market Queries

    Create highly-targeted queries for multiple talent markets at the same time.

  • Employee vs Market

    Compare your submitted employees against a custom market defined by you in real time.

  • Executive Regression

    Determine executive pay levels specific to the size of your organization.

  • Job Matrix

    Navigate the database and identify the most relevant jobs based on your job matches.

Actionable Analytics (3)

3 Solutions
  • Location Analytics

    Assess global talent availability and pay differentials by geographic location.

  • Talent Intelligence

    Supplement market data by harnessing the power of machine learning to predict pay.

  • Talent Metrics

    A full suite of capabilities that provides insights on talent metrics covering turnover, gender, ethnicity (U.S. only).

Introducing the Human Capital Analytics Platform

  • One Database

    A unified, global database containing employees across industries and geographies

  • Unified Methodology

    A proprietary job architecture and job matching approach featuring an expanded job library that creates a common language for all clients across industries

  • New Analytics Tools

    A dynamic and intuitive digital platform to access market-leading data, analytics and insights

Extraordinary Database Growth

We have partnered with the world’s leading companies across industries and geographies — and our compensation database coverage by industry continues to grow.

Company Growth Over the Years

We continue to build upon our foundation of strength in all industry sectors, adding over 3,000 organizations to our Radford and McLagan platform projected for 2024.

Organizations growth


Organizations added to the database since 2020

Employee Growth Over the Years

As the number of participating organizations grows, so too does the number of employees matched to benchmark job codes. Since 2020, the total employees included on our platforms has grown by over 10 million.

Employees growth


Million employees added to our database since 2020

Exciting New Features for 2024

  • Job Offers Data

    Access real-time job offers data collected through applicant tracking systems integrations

  • SkillsGraph

    Introduce SkillsGraph connector to your job architecture and unlock a skill-based market-driven talent philosophy

  • Benefit Cost Factors

    Provides summary insights on how benefits vary across markets integrated seamlessly on HCA through our Benefits Explorer

Market Practice Studies

Our suite of market practice studies, designed to handle your most pressing policy design issues, is the perfect companion for the Radford McLagan Compensation Database. These studies include:

  • Salary Increase and Turnover Study provides clients with actionable insights to ensure their pay cycles are aligned with overall market trends.
  • Short- and Long-Term Incentive Design Study highlights prevalence of alternative designs that you can consider implementing to motivate top performance.
  • Intern, New Graduate and Pay Administration Study provides insights for companies to become and remain a destination of choice for talent.
  • Employee Experience and Paid Time-Off Study includes everything from culture to values as well as sabbaticals and paid time off.
  • Sales Incentive Practices and Car Policy Study focuses attention on sales plan design for rewarding employees who influence purchasing decisions and provides plan characteristics for key sales roles.
  • Severance and Change-in-Control Study covers pay policies for executives and non-executives in a variety of not-for-cause termination situations.
  • Private market studies: Provides clients in private organizations with critical insights on Board structure and compensation, as well as equity grant practices for employees (captures both founder and non-founder grant practices) in privately-held organizations.
  • Financial Services Suite is the suite of market practice studies tailored to the financial services sector, including topics such as equity, graduate pay and more.
Market Practice Studies