Project Finance Insurance Due Diligence Services

Aon M&A and Transaction Solutions offers specialist risk advisory services designed to assist debt or equity investors in connection with their investments in both new projects and existing businesses.

Benefits of Project Finance Insurance Due Diligence

  • Identifies the insurable and uninsurable risks exposures faced by the project or business to enable financiers and investors to understand the potential impact on their financial interests.
  • Ensures the requirement for an insurance regime that is optimised to protect financiers’ and investors’ interests is achieved through a detailed review of the project or finance documentation to.
  • Advice on project, or transaction insurance costs benchmarked against best market pricing, including commentary on any potential for future insurance cost volatility and future insurability.

Project Finance Insurance Due Diligence Services

Aon's specialist M&A insurance advisers:

  • Review and advise on risk allocation, indemnity and hold harmless provisions, force majeure and other abatement provisions and the insurance requirements of the project or transaction documentation.
  • Provide advice on risk transfer options within traditional and non-traditional markets. 
  • Liaise with legal, technical, and other advisers to the financiers, or investors and the project company or business entity and/or its insurance broker to ensure compliance with the insurance requirements of the project/transaction documents.
  • Prepare comprehensive and meaningful interim and financial close insurance due diligence reports.
  • Assist with the preparation of information memoranda and syndication reports; make syndication presentations.
  • Issue compliance and/or conditions precedent “letters of comfort” at financial close.


Aon Insurance Due Diligence Services Experts

Julie Brennan
National Practice Manager - Insurance Due Diligence