Public Private Partnership (PPP)/Private Finance Initiative (PFI) Insurance Due Diligence Services

Aon M&A and Transaction Solutions offers specialist risk advisory services designed for the benefit of either the public sector sponsor or a private sector respondent.


Benefits of PPP and PFI Due Diligence Services

For the Public Sector Sponsor certainty that required insurances:

  • will properly and adequately address its interests.
  • provide a value for money solution to address project risk.
  • are realistic relative to what the insurance market will and will not provide.

For the Private Sector Respondent:

  • a value for money response to RFP insurance requirements.
  • certainty of compliance with transaction documents insurance requirements.
  • an insurance due diligence service that will be accepted by any and all financiers.

Public Sector Sponsor Services

Aon's specialist M&A insurance advisers:

  • Work with the sponsor’s legal team to identify the insurable and uninsurable risks of the PPP/PFI and draft the insurance and other relevant provisions in the Project Agreement.
  • Develop the request for proposal (RFP) documentation required to be returned with bidders’ responses to the RFP.
  • Work with the sponsor’s financial team to cost the required project insurance into the public sector comparator.
  • Work with the sponsor’s legal and financial teams to assess the insurance components of responses to the RFP for compliance, value for money of proposed insurance arrangements, understanding of risk allocations, and certainty of delivery of proposed insurance arrangements.
  • Prepare an insurance assessment report ranking bidders' responses.

Private Sector Respondent Services

Aon's specialist advisers:

  • Provide portfolio management services.
  • Advise on insurance aspects of contracts.
  • Review and analyse insurance manuals.
  • Conduct site visits/surgeries.
  • Structure and place required insurances.
  • Issue Broker's Letters of Undertaking.
  • Draft bespoke policy wordings.
  • Provide insurance due diligence for equity and debt financiers.


Aon Insurance Due Diligence Services Experts

Julie Brennan
National Practice Manager - Insurance Due Diligence