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2019 has begun with a significant number of large-scale natural catastrophes, affecting businesses, governments and populations in many areas of the world. This year’s events follow the $653B of incurred weather- and other natural catastrophe-related losses in 2017 and 2018 – including 42 events in 2018, each resulting in more than $1 billion in economic losses. Aon has experts and resources around the world available for clients to ensure preparedness and property program optimization ahead of, during and following weather-related losses and other catastrophic events. Members from Aon’s Claims Preparation, Advocacy and Valuation (CPAV) team are available to support clients through specialized claims and response services, including claim management and advocacy. Please access the resources below to support your organization’s preparation and response to any potential impacts of hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding and other natural catastrophe impacts during the year. Please reach out to your Aon representative or contact Aon Rapid Response (at right) should you need claim and response support should your organization incur a loss.

Impact Forecasting Alerts and Reports Weekly Cat Report March 22, 2019, Midwest Flooding

2018 Hurricane Season Cat Reports Colorado State University: 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecast (August 2018)
Latest CSU & TSR Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecasts
2018 NOAA Atlantic & Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season Forecast

Catastrophe Preparedness and Response Resources

Emergency Response: 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Template & Checklists

A comprehensive planning and prep checklist for organizations to use to assess and apply hurricane and flood preparedness strategies. Prepared by the Aon Property Risk Consulting group.

Access 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Template & Checklists »
Hurricane Preparation and Response, 2018

Aon's Property Risk Consulting practice has prepared the 2018 Hurricane Preparation report that provides a checklist of key steps and strategies for hurricane impact mitigation.

Access the 2018 Hurricane Prep Guide »
Business Continuity Checklist: A Primer for Hurricane Planning & Response

Aon’s Business Continuity Planning professionals have prepared this article as a means to share best practices and context for business professionals who may not have in-depth experience with disaster planning and recovery.

Access Business Continuity Checklist: A Primer for Hurricane Planning & Response »
Business Continuity Management - 2018, Hurricane Season: Planning & Preparedness

Aon's Business Continuity Management practice has prepared a checklist with tips to help ensure operational resiliency before, during and after a storm.

Access the BCM Hurricane Checklist »
Large Exposure Property Loss white paper

Property insurance claims have become dramatically more complex in the last few decades, especially with regard to hurricane exposure. This paper explores trends in coverage and addresses pre-loss preparation.

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Technology Tools for Hurricane Preparation and Response

In 2017, Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria battered Texas, Florida and the Caribbean respectively. Aon Property Risk Consulting, an industry leader in property risk control, claims management and disaster response, integrated advanced technologies and tools into their repertoire of services to assist clients who have sustained a storm (wind, flood) loss.

Access Technology Tools for Hurricane Preparation and Response »
Hurricane Season: Key Considerations for Financial Recovery

Aon’s Global Risk Consulting Claims Advocacy and Valuation practice has developed a pre- loss checklist to enable companies to take appropriate precautions before a hurricane loss occurs.

Access Hurricane Season: Key Considerations for Financial Recovery »

Aon Cat Mitigation and Response Services

FEMA Public Assistance Grant Preparation

Aon’s Claims Preparation, Advocacy & Valuation practice provides specialized expertise for documentation and claims support involving the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) Public Assistance (PA) Grant Program.

Access Aon-FEMA Claims Services document »
Resilience Tips for People Located in Affected Areas

The key to addressing a major crisis isn’t just mounting an effective response; it’s about mounting a response while simultaneously dealing with the psychological impact of being shocked by an inconceivable event of dramatic proportions.

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Complex Claims Preparation Services

Aon‘s Claims Preparation, Advocacy and Valuation experts can be a key partner for disaster-impacted organizations by offering a full range of loss recovery solutions, including expertise in claims advocacy.

Access Aon Complex Claims Preparation Service Overview »
Disaster Mitigation and Response Services

As the world’s leading risk advisor, we offer our clients market-leading solutions and innovative approaches that help them recover and get back on track as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Access Disaster Mitigation and Response Services Overview »
Aon Global Rapid Response

Rapid Response guides companies in their mitigation efforts by deploying experts directly to affected locations, offering clear concise loss mitigation guidance.

Access Rapid Response Overview »
Flood Hazard Determination

Aon property and flood experts can properly determine your location’s flood potential and if an exposure exists, assist you with your flood emergency response plan to help you mitigate your loss potential.

Access Flood Hazard Determination Overview »
Be Prepared Webinar

2018 Hurricane Prep and Market Dynamics

Access the Full Picture Webinar Aon
For hurricane-related claims, please contact:

Jill Dalton
Managing Director of Aon Claims Preparation, Advocacy & Valuations

Chris Ford
Chief Operating Officer of Property Claim Advocacy

Peter Jagger
Managing Director, Aon Rapid Response

Contact Aon Rapid Response

If you are an Aon Rapid Response client, and you are impacted by a loss, you can activate the service 24/7/365 via the Aon Crisis Operation Center in the U.S. by calling: +1.855.218.8167 internationally at +1.312.470.3055 or by sending an email to

Hurricane Response Case Study

Learn how the Virgin Island Port Authority (VIPA) applied advanced storm preparation tactics, insurance strategies, and vendor collaboration to mitigate the effects of Hurricanes Irma and Maria and drive recovery and resilience across the organization and more broadly across the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Access the article here.

Aon Impact Forecasting

For timely updates on hurricane tracking, watches/warning and reports from the National Hurricane Center, please subscribe to our Cat Alerts, prepared by meteorologists from our Impact Forecasting unit.

Subscribe to Cat Alerts from our Catastrophe Insight website.

Additional Information:

Reinsurance Solutions: Hurricane Response

Aon Q2 2018 Property Market Dynamics Report

Utilizing Aon data, Aon’s Property Market Dynamics Report captures the state of the insurance industry following the costliest year on record for losses; from changes in pricing, limits, deductibles/retentions, coverage, capacity and losses.

Download here.

Download Q1, 2018 Report here.

Aon Property Claims and Advocacy Offers Insight on Post-Loss Claims Strategies