Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics HexagonCarriers purchasing the Aon Inpoint services (Aon Inpoint carriers) enjoy unparalleled access to the industry’s leading information platforms, from benchmarking market share and comparing market trends observed in Aon’s book to providing pipelines of specific sales opportunities and developing models of client retention.

At Aon Inpoint, we empower carriers to become more competitive, effective, and operationally efficient by integrating our unique capabilities - market leading reinsurance and insurance data and analytics, world class consulting, access to Aon’s expertise, and integrated global execution.

Analytical capabilities are provided by the Aon Centres for Innovation and Analytics (ACIA) based in Dublin and Singapore.

Aon Inpoint’s analytics team has developed a wide variety of tools and datasets as part of Aon’s overall investment in data and analytics. These tools run from premium flow benchmarking to client retention models. The Aon Inpoint team selects tools to respond to your particular business objectives and draws on different tools.

Two data and information platforms that Aon Inpoint carriers can gain direct access to are Aon GRIP® and Re/View.



Aon GRIP® is unique in its ability to benchmark like risks placed throughout the globe, helping our Aon Inpoint carriers and clients evaluate insurer performance and anticipate shifts in the market.




Aon’s strategic advisory service, Re/View, draws on Aon’s proprietary database to provide analysis and benchmarking to reinsurers. Re/View helps reinsurers to more effectively meet the needs of cedents through the development of more competitive, innovative and efficient risk transfer options. With data updated weekly, Re/View supports $120 billion in premium flow to date, $30 billion of annual ceded premium, and 30,000 data items*.