Aon Inpoint Value Proposition

Business ExcellenceBusiness Excellence

Providing insight to enable carriers to optimise their appetite, value proposition, distribution model and broker connectivity.

Portfolio OpportunitiesPortfolio Opportunities

Opportunities to adjust your product portfolio and/or your geographic balance to respond to changing client needs and market norms and/or to respond to gaps in the market.

Strategic InitiativesStrategic Initiatives

Opportunities available by making significant change such as entry into a major new market.


Delivering business excellence is a core part of the Aon Inpoint value proposition. We assess the reinsurer’s and insurer’s current portfolio dynamics and its position within the five pillars of the development and distribution process:

  • Risk appetite
  • Value proposition
  • Marketing and communications
  • Broker and carrier connectivity
  • Opportunity targeting

We optimise these pillars through data analytics, gap analyses, and execution support to help the reinsurer and insurer identify and prioritise opportunities.

We identify portfolio opportunities to help insurers improve offerings to better meet Aon client needs. We help assess risk appetite, identify unrealised cross sell opportunities, analyse capability gaps and critical success factors, and explore new transaction structures and solutions.

We believe that services to support long-term, strategic growth through the smart evolution of risk appetite, an ongoing evaluation of new market and product entry options, innovative products and risk transfer solutions, business readiness examinations, improved business model designs, and enhanced claims offerings and processes are equally important.

Aon Inpoint’s deep industry expertise also enables it to provide reinsurers and insurers with operational improvement support to help lower costs and maximise reinsurance and financial accounting/reporting operational efficiency and claims optimisation services to drive loss ratio improvement.

In this rapidly changing market, where the distribution model is entering a new era and oversupply seems the new norm, understanding how to better stand out from the crowd is critical and our relationship with Aon Inpoint is beginning to assist in these extremely challenging times.
Lloyd’s syndicate senior executive