Aon Inpoint Service Delivery

Our Aon Inpoint service delivery approach starts by listening to your biggest challenges and understanding your unique needs. This uncompromising commitment is the foundation of the Aon Client Promise??. The Aon Client Promise?? defines the way we work together, what you can expect from us, and the value we will deliver. The Aon Inpoint team uses this proven way of working to fully understand your needs and ensure that everything we do is focused on delivering value to you and our clients.

The Aon Inpoint Service Model comprises four main activities:

Aon Inpoint Service Model

We will collaborate to understand both your near- and long-term business priorities and strategic objectives. We will assess your current performance (e.g. by benchmarking your success in winning Aon clients??? business and analysing expert broker opinion on what drives this level of performance) and help you identify how to respond to changing market dynamics and become more competitive. We will work with you to identify opportunities that deliver value to you and our clients.

We will jointly author a plan which articulates the objectives you value and the key business areas you would like to focus on. We will jointly define projects in the areas of business excellence, portfolio opportunities and strategic initiatives. The plan states how we will work together during the year, outlines our commitments to you, and defines how we will measure our success.

We will follow through on our plan, executing agreed initiatives and projects with excellence and tracking outcomes.

We will seek your input on how we are doing both through informal feedback sessions, scorecards and annual surveys. We will use this information to review our approach and strategies to create a continuous cycle of service improvement and value delivery.