Operating Principles

Aon Inpoint services are provided to you under the following operating rules:

  • Everything Aon does is focused on creating distinctive value for our (re)insured clients. That includes Aon’s relationship with you and other carriers so that you can compete effectively and Aon can provide valuable solutions and greater choice to our mutual clients. The Aon Inpoint services support this objective.
  • Building clear and superior differentiation together for clients through commitments to you that build on your strengths should create a uniquely differentiated value proposition for our mutual clients.
  • Aon Risk Solutions ("ARS"), Aon Benfield (“AB”) and the Aon Inpoint team will always act in the best interests of Aon’s insured and reinsured clients.
  • Aon Inpoint will not perform studies or provide services for insurers or reinsurers that may be detrimental to its clients or cedents.
  • Aon Inpoint in performing insurance studies will not access any reinsurance data from Re/View. For reinsurance studies, data will be sourced by Aon Inpoint from Re/View, but will never be sourced directly from GRiDS.
  • Your organisation and ours agree to act in the best interests of the (potential) (re)insured at all times, and in compliance with all relevant applicable laws.
  • Aon Inpoint will not assist any (re)insurer with its pricing tools or methodologies on any products for clients or cedents.
  • Both parties recognise and acknowledge that the ultimate decision regarding the acceptance of any insurer/reinsurer lies with the insured/reinsured.
  • Notwithstanding our agreement to deliver the Aon Inpoint services, Aon will continue to consider and solicit coverage on behalf of its clients from (re)insurers who do not procure the Aon Inpoint services.
  • Aon acknowledges and agrees that you are not obligated to quote for or underwrite insurance or reinsurance for any Aon client.
  • The Aon Inpoint services do not guarantee increased placements or revenue to you.
  • Aon does not and will not steer clients to any particular insurer, or cedents to any particular reinsurer.
  • Aon will never, directly or indirectly, leverage or tie ARS placements and AB placements and Aon Inpoint will not in any way facilitate such behavior.