Operating Principles

Aon Inpoint Operating Principles

  • Aon United aims to bring the best of Aon to clients, whether they be (re)insureds, (re)insurers or other clients. Aon Inpoint’s services, products, and solutions (“services”) are delivered in the context of Aon United to our clients under the following Operating Principles:

Creating distinctive client value

  • Everything Aon does is focused on creating distinctive value for its clients
  • Aon Inpoint’s services are aimed at helping our clients to compete more effectively, explore new opportunities and markets, and ultimately for Aon to provide more valuable solutions and greater choice to its clients and prospective clients

Acting in the best interest of clients

  • Aon will always act in the best interests of its insured and reinsured clients
  • Aon Inpoint will not provide services to our clients that may be detrimental to Aon’s insured and reinsured clients
  • Aon Inpoint will always respect the confidentiality of Aon’s client information

Conducting business with integrity and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations

  • Aon is committed to providing its services and conducting business in an honest and fair way by putting clients’ interests first, ensuring that decision making is not influenced by personal, other, or competing business interest 
  • Aon will not steer clients to any particular (re)insurer
  • Aon will never, directly or indirectly, leverage or tie insurance or reinsurance placements and Aon Inpoint will not in any way facilitate such behavior
  • The provision of Aon Inpoint’s services does not guarantee placements or increased revenue to any (re)insurer, and Aon will continue to consider and solicit coverage on behalf of its clients from (re)insurers who do not procure the Aon Inpoint services
  • Aon Inpoint has established adequate procedures and measures including data handling protocols to ensure no services will be provided or studies performed that could potentially be anti-competitive
  • Aon Inpoint will not assist any client with its pricing tools or methodologies on any products for (re)insured clients
  • Aon Inpoint and the party obtaining the Aon Inpoint services shall act in compliance with all applicable laws in delivery and receipt of the services