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Energy & Natural Resources 

Globalisation and consolidation mean that new, hidden risks can stop your Energy & Natural Resource Company from maximising returns. Aon's dedicated natural resources and energy specialists provide innovative, cost-effective risk management and insurance programmes, helping this increasingly competitive industry meet the challenges it faces.

Our Services:

We specialise in helping you identify, evaluate, understand and successfully manage all areas of energy & natural resource risk. Some areas with unseen risks that Aon can help you identify include:

All pollution related issues can be assessed and appropriate insurance solutions can be developed to address them.

Corporate governance, joint venture disputes, contract risk negotiation, directors and officers liability.

Political and Regulatory:
Many energy & natural resources companies have significant exposure to potential claims for kidnap and ransom, antitrust / collusion, transmission confiscation, regulatory and related risks.

Human Capital:
The loss of a key employee or associated loss of intellectual property, failure to comply with best employment practices, and incidents involving workplace violence.

Energy & natural resources companies overall performances are affected by a variety of financial and economic risks such as fluctuations in stock market values, commodity prices, interest rates, and exchange rates.

Why choose Aon?

Aon has the largest group of dedicated energy & natural resources specialists in the industry. We understand the unique environments in which energy & natural resource companies operate and have years of experience in controlling the cost of insurance cover and minimising the financial impact of exposures inherent in these operations.


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