Industrials and Manufacturing

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Industrials and Manufacturing

Transforming to Address Both Old and New Challenges

As global demand for goods surged following the initial shock of the pandemic, businesses across the industrials and manufacturing industry struggled to keep up due to materials shortages, supply chain failures, and challenges in attracting and retaining key talent. Against this backdrop, managing inventory was near-impossible at times, with cost fluctuations, rising cyber threats and geopolitical uncertainty compounding issues.

To move forward with clarity and confidence, companies across the sector must adopt more holistic risk management and workforce strategies that cover both physical and human assets, take into account expanding environmental, social and governance (ESG) expectations, and reflect the industry’s rapidly rising insurance needs.

At Aon, our teams have deep experience across all segments of the industrials and manufacturing industry—including advanced manufacturing, aerospace and defense, automotive, and heavy industry firms—and we partner with these clients to provide both catastrophic risk and daily cost-of-risk management, implement novel risk transfer solutions by harnessing powerful modeling tools, and build dynamic and resilient workforces.


Rethinking Risk: Navigating Energy Volatility in Heavy Industry

The rising cost of energy is driving business leaders across heavy industries to rethink their approach to risk.

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