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Demographic Horizons

Meet the team

Tim Gordon FIA - Head of Demographic Horizons™

Tim is a partner in Aon’s Risk Settlement Group. He leads the Demographic Horizons™ team, providing mortality and other analysis and risk advice to support all our risk transfer transaction advice. Tim’s clients include insurers and reinsurers as well as pension plans.


Tim’s work over the past few years has included:

  • Advising reinsurers on best-estimate mortality in relation to UK pension plan-related transactions for c. £100Bn of liability
  • Providing mortality advice in relation to £15Bn of reinsurance for a major UK insurer
  • Advising a major global insurer on best estimate mortality in relation to a US pension plan group annuity transaction relating to $26Bn of liability.

Tim chaired the Mortality Projections Committee of the Continuous Mortality Investigation (CMI) through the revision of its standard mortality projections model for the UK actuarial profession.

+44 (0) 795 632 4415


Matt Fletcher FIA

Matt is Aon’s expert on drivers of mortality change, including international mortality trends and causes of death.


His recent work has included:

  • Advising a major insurer on best estimate mortality assumptions for a significant longevity reinsurance deal
  • Advising large UK pension funds on longevity risk, including medical scenarios, and benchmarking against longevity risk model outputs

Matt chairs the CMI Self-Administered Pension Schemes (SAPS) Committee, producing mortality tables that are used extensively in the pensions and insurance industries.

+44(0)172 788 8208


Andy Harding FIA

Andy is a demographic modelling specialist, with a background in pensions consulting. He leads Aon’s research on contingent dependant assumptions, including marital tracing and age difference analytics. This has involved

  • The development of a dedicated research database of marital survey and tracing information
  • The robust calibration and testing of Aon’s Demographic Horizons™ dependants model for pension schemes.

Andy also manages Aon’s delivery of longevity modelling for our pension scheme clients, and is a member of the prize-winning CMI High Age Mortality Working Party, that determined the CMI’s methodology for calibrating mortality curves into very high ages.

+44(0)121 262 6946


Kishore Ananda PhD FIA

Kishore specialises in longevity modelling, implementation of longevity risk transfer transactions and cashflow modelling.


His recent work has included:

  • Managing a £11Bn longevity reinsurance deal for a major continental insurer with a focus on reinsurer pricing analysis
  • Project managing a £900M combined asset and longevity reinsurance deal
  • Developing Aon’s stochastic mortality risk framework and providing longevity risk advice to the Pension Protection Fund

Kishore also assisted the CMI Mortality Projections Committee with its review of alternative projection methods.

+44(0)121 262 6956