United Kingdom

Demographic Horizons™ Studio

The Demographic Horizons™ Studio is an innovative web-based tool, provided to Aon’s most sophisticated clients (principally insurers and reinsurers) to enable them to access Aon’s tools and models. This includes Aon’s UK and Netherlands postcode-based mortality models with integrated mortality experience analysis. The tool also provides access to the UK dependants model, allowing contingent dependant analysis of postcode, survey, tracing and deaths data.

The Studio approach makes it easier for clients with users in multiple locations to work seamlessly across different data protection jurisdictions. Because the Studio holds information about the location of each user, it is possible to ensure that personal data (required to run the models) is available only to those with appropriate access. This is illustrated in the diagram below.

At your discretion, Aon can support and advise on data that has been loaded, allowing clients to draw on the firm's extensive knowledge and experience.

For more information on the Demographic Horizons™ Studio, please contact Miles Blackford or any member of the Demographic Horizons™ team.