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Listen to our series of governance podcasts online below.

Building the right support for your pension scheme

In this podcast, Aon experts Susan Hoare and Sarah Butlin discuss the steps trustees can take in identifying incremental changes that could improve the effectiveness of a trustee board. What level and quality of resources do they need to implement their decisions?

Equipping your trustee board with the skills they need

Here, Aon’s Sarah Butlin and Stephen Davidson talk through the Pensions Regulator’s requirements for trustee boards. What do boards need in terms of skills, knowledge, diversity and professionalism? What role does contingency planning play in creating and maintaining an effective trustee board?

Focusing on the future of trusteeship and governance

In this podcast you will hear the key pension news from the last month summarised by Aon’s Ricky Marsh. This month Ricky is joined by Aon’s Susan Hoare to discuss The Pensions Regulator’s response to last year’s consultation on the future of trusteeship and governance, and what we can expect from the upcoming single modular Code of Practice. Further information: Aon Defined Contribution Survey 2020

If you have any questions on any of the topics covered, please contact your usual Aon representative or Ricky.


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Improving Governance

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