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Trustee meetings in an ongoing crisis situation – May 2020
Susan Hoare explores how pension scheme trustee boards can continue to operate effectively in unprecedented times. First published in the PMI’s Pensions Aspects magazine.



Trustee governance: learning from the Corporate Governance Code – May 2019
Like corporate boards, trustees make difficult decisions regarding millions of pounds that impact thousands of people, while meeting only infrequently. The Financial Reporting Council’s Corporate Governance Code, designed to provide a framework for corporates, can also be of huge value for trustee boards wanting to improve their governance, as Lynda Whitney explores in this article, first published in PMI Aspects.


Missing a trick? – May 2018
Paul McGlone takes a look at the recent DWP White Paper to see what the future might hold for DB governance requirements, in this article first published in Pensions Age.

Is sole trusteeship the future? – May 2018
Paul McGlone explores some of the benefits and challenges, and asks if sole trusteeship really is the governance model of the future, in this article, first published in Professional Pensions.

The Chair’s role in making better scheme decisions – February 2018
The way a trustee meeting is chaired has a significant impact on the decisions made and the outcomes achieved. Susan Hoare investigates how behavioural science can help Chairs carry out their role more effectively. First published in Pensions Expert.

Do your trustee meetings have the best framework? – February 2018
Our research into trustee effectiveness has led us to develop a Trustee Meeting Framework, to help trustees and chairs plan effective meetings. Read more in this article, first published in Pensions Expert.

How to challenge your advisers: the questions trustees need to ask – January 2018
When you are faced with recommendations from your advisors, how can you make the best choices? The answer lies in challenging the decisions you are being asked to make. Susan Hoare looks at how you can do this, in an article first published in Pensions Expert.

How can trustees become more effective? - January 2018
Aon’s Susan Hoare explores the challenge facing many trustees: how to balance delivering day-to-day actions alongside achieving their scheme’s long-term objectives. First published in Pensions Age.


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Improving Governance

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