Client Engagement and Compensation Guide

The aim of the Aon Client Engagement and Compensation Guide is to provide a high-level summary of the work that Aon Risk Solutions does and how we are remunerated for it. Given the wide range of services that we provide, and the very large number of countries in which we operate, it would be impractical to list every individual service and form of remuneration, but virtually everything that we do and all the remuneration we earn fall within the categories defined here. This is a global summary, and since the forms of remuneration we accept in any particular country comply with all relevant national legislation and regulation not all of them will apply in all countries.

Our business ranges from helping individuals manage their personal risks, up to assisting some of the world’s largest organizations to understand and manage risk on a global scale. That range means that only a proportion of what is described here will be relevant to any one client, with the precise details defined in the terms of business that each of our service teams provides.

We aim to deliver distinctive value by dealing fairly with our clients and insurers, and to ensure that our clients have a good understanding of the services we provide for the price they pay. We maintain strict policies and codes of conduct with regular education for our colleagues, and check and monitor our colleagues’ adherence to them through one of the largest compliance and audit teams in our industry. All our colleagues certify yearly their understanding of our policies and codes.

We view our focus on transparency and fair dealing as a key element of the relationship we build with our clients. Naturally, as part of our codes of conduct and business policies we comply with all relevant legislation and regulations regarding disclosure of earnings in each country where we operate. If after reading this guide you have any questions, we encourage you to contact your Aon account representative or your local Aon office leadership for further information.

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