Corporate Governance


Aon plc's success is founded on an unwavering commitment to personal and professional integrity, ethics, honesty and fair dealing.  Aon's senior management team and our Board of Directors embrace these principles. We have adopted strong corporate governance practices that reflect this commitment and ensure that our company is managed with integrity and with the objective of building shareholder value over the long term.

This section of our web site contains detailed information about Aon's corporate governance practices.  It includes the formal Governance Guidelines under which the Board operates, as well as the charters of the Audit, Governance/Nominating, Organization and Compensation and Finance Committees.

We believe our strong corporate governance practices are illustrative of the ethical culture that has always existed at Aon.  We are dedicated to ensuring that this ethical culture persists as a driving force in each of Aon's business operations.

Greg Case
CEO - Aon plc




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