Aon W9 Forms - Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)


Aon is required to provide our U.S. clients, paying insurance premium to our U.S. offices, with an Aon W-9 form in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). FATCA may also require action from you/your firm. Please consult with your tax and/or compliance advisor to determine how you may be impacted by FATCA.

Aon has developed a corporate FATCA team which has made significant strides to ensure Aon will be compliant with FATCA. Please see the attached documentation which explain Aon's commitment to reducing the burden FATCA places on U.S. insurance buyers and how an insured's requirements may vary depending on to whom they are paying their insurance premiums.

Please select from the Aon entities listed below to retrieve the PDF W9 for the Aon entity listed on your invoice. If you don't see an option below for the Aon entity on your invoice, email for assistance.

Forms W-9 and W-8IMY for Aon entities available on this site are the most current forms available and may be updated from time to time without further notice to you. If you are a withholding agent, or use these forms for any other purpose, you are responsible for reviewing the site prior to remitting any in-scope payments to Aon entities to ensure you are utilizing the most current forms available.

Reinsurance Risk Solutions US W9s
Aon Benfield Fac, Inc. 
Aon Benfield, Inc. 
Aon Securities LLC 
Impact Forecasting, L.L.C. 

Retirement and Health Solutions US W9s
Aon Consulting, Inc. 
Aon Consulting Inc. (NJ) 
Aon Hewitt Investment Consulting, Inc. 
Aon Hewitt Health Market Insurance Solutions Inc. 
Aon Hewitt Hong Kong Ltd. 
Cut-e (USA) Inc 
Aon Insurance Agency LLC 
Hewitt International Holdings LLC 
McLagan Partners Asia, Inc. 
McLagan Partners, Inc. 
McLagan Partners, Inc. - Dubai Branch 
McLagan Partners, Inc. - UK Branch 
Modern Survey, Inc. 

Commercial Risk Solutions US W9s 
Access Plans USA Inc 
Affinity Insurance Services, Inc. 
Affinity Insurance Services, Inc.  (Aon Association Services - division)
Affinity Insurance Services, Inc. (Dentist’s Advantage - division)
AIS Affinity Insurance Agency, Inc. 
AIS Insurance Agency, Inc. 
Alliance Healthcard, Inc 
Alliance Healthcard of Florida, Inc. 
American Special Risk Insurance Company 
Aon Albert G. Ruben Insurance Services, Inc. 
Aon/Albert G. Ruben Insurance Services, Inc. (Ruben-LA Office)
Aon/Albert G. Ruben Insurance Services, Inc.(Ruben-NY Office)
Aon Benefit Solutions Inc.
Aon Consulting Insurance Services 
Aon Corporation
Aon Edge Insurance Agency, Inc.
Aon Group, Inc. 
Aon Insurance Managers (USA) Inc. 
Aon International Energy, Inc. 
Aon International Holdings, Inc. 
Aon Premium Finance, LLC 
Aon Private Risk Management Insurance Agency, Inc. 
Aon Private Risk Management of California Insurance Agency, Inc. 
Aon Property Risk Consulting, Inc. 
Aon Retirement Plan Advisors LLC 
Aon Risk Consultants, Inc. 
Aon Risk Insurance Services West, Inc. 
Aon Risk Insurance Services West, Inc. 
(Albuquerque, Coeur D'Alene, Denver, Fresno, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Francisco)
Aon Risk Insurance Services West, Inc. 
(San Jose, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Portland, Salt Lake City, Seattle)
Aon Risk Services (Holdings) of the Americas, Inc. 
Aon Risk Services (Holdings) of Latin America, Inc. 
Aon Risk Services Central, Inc.
Aon Risk Services Central, Inc.(Chicago)
Aon Risk Services Central, Inc.(Indianapolis, Kansas City, Louisville, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Omaha, Green Bay, Grand Rapids, Detroit, Milwaukee, Wichita)
Aon Risk Services Central, Inc. Hershey, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia)
Aon Risk Services Companies, Inc. 
Aon Risk Services Companies, Inc. (Corporate - for Carriers)
Aon Risk Services Companies, Inc. (Direct Bill Carriers)
Aon Risk Services, Inc. of Florida 
Aon Risk Services, Inc. of Florida (Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, West Palm Beach)
Aon Risk Services, Inc. of Hawaii 
Aon Risk Services Inc. of Hawaii (Honolulu)
Aon Risk Services, Inc. of Maryland 
Aon Risk Services, Inc. of Maryland (DBA: Aon Risk Services, Inc of Illinois) 
Aon Risk Services, Inc. of Maryland (Baltimore)
Aon Risk Services, Inc. of Washington, D.C 
Aon Risk Services Inc. of Washington, DC (Philadelphia)
Aon Risk Services Inc. of Washington, DC (Washington, DC)
Aon Risk Services Northeast, Inc. 
Aon Risk Services Northeast, Inc. (Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland)
Aon Risk Services Northeast, Inc. (Morristown, Boston, Providence, Parsippany, Stamford)
Aon Risk Services Northeast, Inc. (New York)
Aon Risk Services South, Inc. 
Aon Risk Services South, Inc. (Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, Richmond, Winston-Salem, Raleigh, Greenville, SC)
Aon Risk Services Southwest, Inc. 
Aon Risk Services Southwest, Inc. (Little Rock, New Orleans, Tulsa, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston)
Aon Service Corporation
Aon Services Group, Inc.
Aon TC Holdings, Inc. (F/K/A: Corporate Investigative Solutions, Inc.)
Aon Underwriting Managers, Inc.
Aon U.S. Holdings, Inc.
ARM International Corp.
AS Holdings, Inc.
ASPN Insurance Agency LLC 
Benefit Marketing Solutions LLC 
BMS Insurance Agency LLC 
Cammack Health LLC 
Chimney Point Insurance IC, Inc.
Custom Benefits Programs 
Elysium Digital IP Products, L.L.C.
Elysium Digital, L.L.C.
Financial & Professional Risk Solutions, Inc. 
Healthy Paws Pet Insurance LLC 
Huntington T. Block Insurance Agency, Inc.
Inpoint, Inc. 
International Risk Management (Americas), Inc. 
International Space Brokers, Inc. 
Johnson Rooney Welch, Inc. 
K & K Insurance Group Inc.
K & K Insurance Group of Florida, Inc.
Muirfield Underwriters, Ltd. 
Paragon Strategic Solutions Inc. 
PathWise Solutions Group LLC 
Private Equity Partnership Structures I, LLC 
Protective Marketing Enterprises Inc. 
Scritch Inc. (F/K/A: The Capella Group, Inc.) 
Specialty Benefits, Inc. 
SLE Worldwide Limited. 
Stroz Friedberg, Inc. 
Stroz Friedberg Electronic Discovery, Inc.
Stroz Friedberg Investigations, LLC
Stroz Friedberg, LLC
Underwriters Marine Services, Inc. 
White Rock (District of Columbia) PCC Ltd.
White Rock Incorporated Cell 4, Inc.
White Rock Protected Cell 1, Inc.
White Rock Protected Cell 2, Inc.
White Rock USA Ltd.
Wrapid Specialty, Inc.