Organized to Meet Aon's Needs

Global Spend Management (GSM) is a shared service function helping Aon manage spend. GSM helps colleagues make purchases in an efficient and strategic way, helping Aon achieve the highest quality with the lowest risk to the firm at the lowest cost. GSM touches all colleagues in our firm and impacts multiple facets of our day-to-day business activities.

Organization Structure

Category Management

Aon categorizes spend into different spend categories such as IT, professional services, and marketing & print. This is an approach adopted by many leading procurement organizations because it facilitates development of deep subject matter expertise, closer relationships with our partners, and better insights into potential suppliers and industry trends. Organizing our team in this fashion directly supports Aon’s commitment to adopting best practices that optimize costs and create efficiencies.

Procure to Pay

Ensuring our colleagues are able to identify high quality suppliers, communicate purchase requests, and pay our suppliers in an efficient way is the primary mission of our Procurement Operations and Accounts Payable teams.

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